Residence Life

Molly & Mackenzie see what Molly and Mackenzie had to say--

Molly and Mackenzie participating in activity at Leadership RetreatMolly:  I would tell any incoming freshman to absolutely go! There is nothing to lose by going on the retreat and I feel more comfortable going into my freshman year knowing that I will see familiar faces around campus. The retreat was a blast and there is so much to gain by going, so there is no reason not to go!

My expectations of the retreat were that it would be a fun time to get to know other people who were going to be living on campus this year. It was really fun, but I didn't expect to do all of the team building activities - which was a pleasant surprise.

The best part of the retreat was that we all worked together and nobody ever felt like they weren't a part of the group. 

Mackenzie - I was not really sure what to expect from the flyer other then I knew we were doing a ropes course! I loved hearing about all the clubs and I kind of have an idea now of what I want to be a part of when I get there. I had a great experience the entire time and am so happy I was able to go. I wouldn't have changed any of it! If I were to talk to an incoming freshman, I would definitely talk about how much more confident I am about going to LC after the retreat. My favorite part was meeting so many new people who were so encouraging and friendly.

On move in day, I already knew three of the RA staff sitting at the check in table and they all got up to give me a hug “Hello”. On a day that is typically scary and new for most incoming freshmen, I already had friends and I was comfortable. Other new freshmen were wondering how I already knew so many people!