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Residence Life 2018-2019 Student Staff

Welcome to our residence life community staff page!  Our student staff are here to ensure you have the best experiences possible.  Our student staff strive to create strong communities that embrace diversity and nurture success.  Get to know your Resident Directors (RDs), Resident Assistants (RAs), and Programmers below.  Use your hall and room information from your housing assignment letter to find your specific RD/RA and click on the links below to go directly to your hall...or explore and get to know all of our staff.  We are excited to have you as a part of our residence life community and look forward to getting know you this next year.

Clark Hall  

Clearwater Hall

College Place

Parrish House

Talkington Hall

Clark Hall

RA 4

Name:  Austyn
Position:  Clark and Parrish RD

Hey Everyone! My name is Austyn Gunderson and I am going to be a junior at LCSC. I will be the Resident Director for Clark Hall and Parrish House for 2018-2019. I am from a very cute, small town in Northern Idaho called Wallace. Wallace is actually known for being the center of the universe! I like to hang out with friends, hunt, fish, hike, and just chill in my room binge watching shows on Hulu. I am excited to meet all of the new people and participate in all of the amazing programs we have planned for you guys. An interesting fact about me is that I have traveled to many different places even though I am deathly afraid of flying! Some places I have been to include Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico. I hope to get to know all of you and I am excited to see what the year will bring. 

Name:  Hannah
Position:  Clark Basement RA

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah Stewart, I am the RA for Clark basement and I am so excited to meet you guys. I am currently a junior studying pre-nursing with a minor in psychology. I am from Sandpoint, ID but I lived In South Carolina until my junior year of high school. I love reading and listening to music and hanging out with my friends. I am super excited to get to know everyone and hear about you guys.

RA 18

RA 9

Name: Mitch 
Position:  Clark Hall First Floor RA

My name is Mitchel Kroner. I am born in raised in the Pasco (Tri-Cities) Washington. I am currently a Sophomore in College looking to obtain my major in criminal justice and minor in sociology. My favorite thing to do in my free time is go on adventures, hiking and fishing are just a few of the things I do often. I am most excited about being able to help other students and make more memories. An interesting thing about me is that I had once seen bigfoot while up in the Blue Mountains, just Southwest of Walla Walla. 

Name:  Court
Position:  Clark Hall Second Floor RA

My name is Court Carver. I’m from Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. I am a sophomore here at LC, and my major is Nursing. I love the outdoors and am super excited to start my junior year as well as my second year being an RA.

RA 7

RA 21

Name:  Emily G.
Position: Clark Hall DK Wing RA

My name is Emily Garman and I am a freshman here at LCSC. I am currently working on earning my bachelor’s degree in Radiographic Science. I am super excited about starting the new year, with the new res life staff members and meeting/being a role model for all of the new students that come to campus. I am a very outgoing person who loves to be outside, playing sports, and telling corny jokes. Something interesting about me is I have dislocated my shoulder over 40 times in the past 5 years!


My name is Constancia but a lot of people call me Connie. It is easier to say but I am not sure where the change from Constancia to Connie came from. I was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado but lived in Genesee, ID  for a bit of my elementary years then moved to Moscow and graduated from there. Moscow is my hometown and is not far from Lewiston but sometimes it feels very far away. I am currently a freshman in college and I am majoring in Hospitality Management. I really enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, camping. I also like cooking and staying inside sometimes watching movies or playing games. I am super excited to be more involved in LC life and getting to meet new people and make new friends. I am a Denver Broncos football fan but I am not a band-wagoner, I have been a Bronco fan ever since I could walk. I do not have any special talents although I wish I did. 

RA 17

Parrish House

RA 10

Hello! My name is Rebekah Johnson but I prefer to go by Bekah. I am from Boise, Idaho and I am going into my junior year of college. My major is elementary education because I absolutely love working with kids! I really enjoy running, hiking, camping, reading, floating the Boise river in the summer, watching Netflix and spending time with my family. I am really excited for our new staff to grow close and to set new goals for myself and achieve them! Something interesting about me is that I played the flute for five years. 


Kiara Inez Garcia  

Lapwai, Idaho  



I like to go paddle boarding, hiking, and hanging out with my friends and family.  An interesting thing about me is that my family and I went to Thailand and Japan when I was 13.

I am excited to get to know everyone this year. It will be really fun to plan events for Parrish House and decorating it too!


RA 20

Clearwater Hall

RA 2

Name: Colton
Position:  Clearwater Hall RD

Hey guys! My name is Colton and I am the Resident Director of Clearwater Hall this year. I'm from Boise, Idaho, and this is my fourth year at LCSC. I am a Secondary Education with an Emphasis in Social Science major, and I am absolutely loving it here! I enjoy reading and any outdoor activities, especially if it involves going to the beach and swimming, and I'm absolute in love with all animals and have a soft spot for cats. I am always here to help or just to talk if something if going on. I want to make this year as fun as possible for everyone and am looking forward to meeting everyone.

Name: Stefy
Position:  Clearwater Hall Second Floor RA

Hi! My name is Stefany, but everyone calls me Stefy! I am from a small town called Enterprise, Oregon but Lewiston has become a second home. This coming year will be my junior year here at LCSC as I am currently working towards becoming a teacher. I like to spend my time with my friends and family, being on a beach, and taking long drives with loud music; some interesting things about me: I have 5 tattoos; there is a freckle on my lip; I used to eat butter by the spoonful (I was like 7); and if you put headphones in your nose, the sound will project from your mouth.  

RA 6

RA 8

Name: Shyla
Position:  Clearwater Hall Third Floor RA

Shyla Flavel

Kuna, Idaho


Kinesiology with emphasis in Exercise Science and Health Occupations

I love adventure and am excited to participate in anything fun! To name some things: swing dancing, watching rodeo, four-wheeling, shooting and any water related activities!

I'm excited to get to know everyone in the upcoming year and be able to bond with people through the amazing activities we have on campus!

Name:  Bri
Position:  Clearwater Hall Third Floor RA

Name: Bri Barber

Hometown: Athol Idaho

Class: Junior

Major: Elementary Education 

What I like to do:  I have a passion for being kind, laughing, and enjoying the outdoors every chance I get. You can catch me fly fishing, tying flies, and camping during almost all of my free time! Few things are better than listening to good music with good people! 

What I’m excited about:  I’m beyond excited to make the 2018/19 school year a time of success and discovery for everyone! I can’t wait to make new friends, enjoy new experiences, and make positive impacts in the LCSC community as a student and RA.

Fun Facts:

-I can read your fortune

-I have my 4 favorite fly lures tattooed on my side

-I ate a live grasshopper for $20

RA 16

RA 5

Name:  Hillary
Position:  Clearwater Hall Fourth Floor RA

Home Town: Kuna, Idaho 

Year in School: Freshman

Major: BSN Nursing

Things I like to do: I love to do anything outside, I love sports especially volleyball and gymnastics. I love hanging out with family and friends and my greatest passion is helping people. What I am excited about for next year: I am excited for the adventures and all the memories that everyone will make. I am also excited to build new friendships and get to know different people.

Name:  Autumn
Position:  Community Programmer

Hello! My name is Autumn and I am the Community Programmer and Social Media Marketer for Clearwater Hall! This is my third year on the Residence Life team and my senior year at LCSC, pursuing degrees in both General Studies: Business/Marketing and Graphic Communications. I am from Lewiston, and I love making art, singing in the shower, dancing like no one is watching, and running through sprinklers any time of the year! I am a total nerd for anything Harry Potter, Disney, or Marvel. I love Jesus with all my heart and soul, but “Christian” is not the definition of a perfect me (NF). I am so excited to get to know you all and finish this year strong with awesome events and community!

RA 19

Talkington Hall

RA 3

Name:  Mitchell
Position:  Talkington Hall and College Place RD

Hi! My name is Mitchell Kassa, and I’m from Spokane, WA. I am currently a senior pursuing a degree in Business Administration. I will be living in Talkington as the Resident Director for College Place and Talkington halls. Outside of school I like to go hunting, fishing, and hiking, but if the weather won’t allow that then I will most likely be watching a movie or playing video games. If you enjoy any of those activities outside of school, feel free to let me know because I would love to talk about any of those listed. I am looking forward to meeting all of you and I’m usually around so feel free to come on by.

Name:  Becca
Position:  Talkington Hall Basement/First Floor RA

Hi there, my name is Becca Fortin and I am from the Boise, Idaho area. I am a Senior here at LC and am studying Secondary English as my major and Spanish as my minor. I like to read, go for walks, and just sit down and chat and I'm always willing to play some good old Mario Kart on the GameCube. I also love to do lots of crafty things, but I can't stand to use paint! It's a bit quirky I know, but it's me:-) I am excited for the new year full of new faces and chances for great memories. I am excited to meet people who will bring me on new adventures and help me push to new limits. Can't wait to get to know all of you. See you soon! 

RA 13

RA 1

Name:  Emily M.
Position:  Talkington Hall Second Floor RA

Hi!  My name is Emily and I am from Twin Falls, ID.  I am majoring in Psychology and I am a sophomore this coming year.  I love kids, I love to travel, and I collect Hard Rock T-shirts.   I am so excited to be an RA in Talkington Hall this year.  I lived there my first year and made a lot of friends and had a great experience living in THall.  Something interesting about me is that I have travelled all across the United States and I have been to the England!

Name:  Bella
Position:  Talkington Hall Third Floor RA

My name is Isabella Hernandez (Bella) and I'm from the small town Kuna, Idaho. I am technically a Sophomore by credits but this is my Freshmen year and I'm majoring in Kinesiology with the goal of becoming an Athletic Trainer.

Some things I like to do are binge TV series, read, write poetry, play disc golf, and just hangout with my friends. And if I could here in Lewiston, I'd love to do more woodwork. 

Next year, I'm actually really excited about my classes. I am getting into my major work instead of Gen-Eds and I'm happy about that. But I'm also excited for this new adventure as an RA. I'm excited for the friendships I'm going to make both with this new RA family and hopefully my residents. I may not know what problems or issues I might have to figure out, but I know the experience and all the good times are going to be so worth it.

Hm, an interesting fact? Well you already know, as per my application stated, I am a left handed, lesbian, Latina, but did you know I can also juggle? 

RA 14

RA 12

Name:  Meredith
Position:  Community Programmer

Home Town: Kennewick, WA. 

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology

I really enjoying doing things outdoors like hiking, fishing and camping.

When it comes to next year I'm really excited to get to know everyone living in the dorms, as well as putting on fun programs that build a strong community and many  friendships.

One interesting thing about me: My favorite quote to reflect on when I'm doubting myself or my goals  - "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." Steve Job

College Place

Name:  Marco
Position:  College Place Third Floor RA

Hello everyone, my name is Marco Antonio Ortiz and I am a Junior here at Lewis-Clark State College majoring in Social Work with a minor in Justice Studies. I am from a small town in Southern Idaho named Glenns Ferry, but I would frequently visit the Boise area. I am the Resident Assistant for third floor College Place this upcoming academic year! I am an outgoing individual and am always excited to meet new people. Some the activities that I enjoy are listed as; video games, swimming, hiking, disk golfing and other sports. So don’t be shy we may have more in common than you think!

RA 11

RA 22


Hello, my name is Nathan Anderson and I am going to be the RA for the 2nd floor of College Place. I am a junior at LCSC and I think that this school is has an amazing environment to produce successful students! I’m from Boise Idaho and I am a very social individual that loves to go out on adventures with my friends, listen to music, and study science (I’m a biology major). I’m very excited for this upcoming school year and to meet all my residents and incoming students! Feel free to swing by my room and say ‘Hello’! 


Hometown: Caldwell, ID

Year in school: Sophomore 

Major: Elementary Education with an emphasis in English as a New Language 

Things I like to do: Sleep, watch Hulu, volunteer with my 4-H club, draw

What I am excited about for next year: All the opportunities I am getting, for example, RA & Peer Mentor. I am also excited to meet new incoming students!!

Interesting thing about me: I have a quarter size tattoo of Tina from the show Bob's Burgers on my left arm, my sophomore year of high school I was playing tag with my nephew but I got tired so I went to go sit down and he pulled the chair from under me and I ended up breaking my tailbone. 

RA 15