Residence Life

Room Changes

There will be NO room or suite changes during the first two weeks of classes. Students wanting to move must follow the guidelines below:

1. Speak to your suitemates/roommates about your concern(s).

2. If communicating with the suitemates/roommates does not work, roommates must meet with the RA on your floor and have a mediation meeting. 

3. If the RA decides that a student needs to move, and there is availability in another room, floor or hall, the RA will go to the RD and recommend a move take place.

4. NO ONE may move without following the guidelines above. Any moving without following the guidelines will be fined up to the cost of an additional semester and will be subject to disciplinary action. Illegal room swaps or room changes will result in the students moving back to their assigned bed space and judicial action.

NOTE: The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to limit the number of room moves a student is allowed in any given semester.