Residence Life

International Living Learning Community (ILLC)

The International Living Learning Community (ILLC) is made up of two seperate houses. One is an older victorian home that houses four females and a married couple, who are the house parents. This house is called Lewis House. The second house is behind that house and is called Clark House. Clark House houses four males. 

Each bedroom is shaped differently and has different features and benefits.  Because they are different, the pricing for each room is a little different.  

The ILLC's goal is to house students from different countries to encourage English speaking and cross-cultural exchange. If this is not possible, the most there would be are two people from the same country, and if this happens, it will be one male and one female.  

The house parents, Ross and Clair, are there to help students learn about American culture, improve their English and make sure students are living within the college and house rules and regulations.  

Students are not required to have a meal plan as there is a full kitchen in the house. Students cook for themselves and are expected to buy their own food. The house is stocked with plates, appliances like a blender, rice cooker, toaster, etc, as well as plates, pots and pans, silverware. The ILLC also provides basic supplies, like oil, butter, herbs and spices. Each Sunday night is Family Dinner where all of the students along with Ross and Clair come together, prepare a meal and eat together as a family. This is a great time for the students to catch up on what has been happening over the past week and talk about any issues (if any) that are going on. 

The houses also have a flat-screen TV, DVD player, Wii and movies and games for the students to use. The students are welcome to invite friends over, however only same-gender students are allowed on the floor where the bedrooms are or in the bedrooms. 


ILLC hosts Ross and ClairRoss and Clair - ILLC House Parents