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Residence Hall Room Rates

Residence Hall Rates 2018-2019

Semester Rate


Year Total

Clark Hall - Double or Triple room $1,600 $3,200
Talkington hall - Double, Triple, or Quad room $1,600 $3,200
Talkington/Clark Single room $1,900 $3,800

Clearwater Hall - Single bedroom 

$2,165 $4,330

Clearwater Hall - Double bedroom 

$1,765 $3,530

College Place -Single bedroom 

$2,600 $5,200
Parrish House - Double or Triple room $1,600 $3,200
Parrish House - Single room $1,900 $3,800
Summer Housing - Payment plans available for continuing students


full summer


Please make sure you read the Application and License Ageement carefully, and sign it and before returning the Agreement to the college. Please make a photocopy for your files. We want to make sure you understand the Agreement.

The rates above do NOT include:

  • The $25 per semester activity fee which helps support the RA programming. The fee provides activities for you to enjoy while living on campus.
  • Mandatory meal plans for Talkington, Clark and Clearwater Hall.  Meal plans are optional for Parrish House and College Place.