Residence Life

Residence Hall Room Rates Below are the rates for the 2015-2016 academic year

Residence Hall Rates 2015-2016                                      

Fall Semester RateSpring Semester RateAcademic Year
Clark Hall - Double or Triple room  $1,600  $1,600  $3,200
Talkington Hall - Double, Triple or Quad room  $1,600  $1,600  $3,200
Talkington / Clark Hall - Single room  $1,900  $1,900  $3,800
Clearwater Hall - Private bedroom with 3 or 4 others in a shared suite*  $2,265  $2,265  $4,530
Parrish House# - Double or Triple room, without private bathroom  $1,280  $1,280  $2,560
Parrish House# - Double room with private bathroom  $1,480  $1,480  $2,960
Parrish House# - Single room without private bathroom  $1,480  $1,480  $2,960 
Parrish House#- Single room with semi-private bathroom  $1,780  $1,780  $3,560
Summer Housing - Payment plans available for continuing students  $1,200 - full summer    

Please make sure you read the Application and License Ageement carefully, and sign it and before returning the Agreement to the college. Please make a photocopy for your files. We want to make sure you understand the Agreement.

The rates above do NOT include:

  • The $25 per semester activity fee which helps support the RA programming and the Residence Hall Association. Both groups provide activities for you to enjoy while living on campus.
  • Mandatory meal plans for Talkington, Clark and Clearwater Hall.  Meal plans are optional for Parrish House.

 * Clearwater Hall provides 32 suites, most of which have four single bedrooms with a shared living area, kitchenette and bathroom. It is the responsibility of the residents living in the suite to keep the suite clean. Each month LCSC Residence Life holds one night of "suite checks" to assure everything is clean and that you are living in a healthy environment. You are notified well in advance (typically one week ahead) of the date and time of the suite checks. Please make sure you set up a cleaning schedule with your suitemates so everyone does their share. There is a vacuum on each floor for student use.

 # Parrish House is for upperclassmen, and houses 29 residents. Students must sign an agreement to live in this community. This is the only hall that does not require purchasing a meal plan.