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If you want to view the eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2018, please do not look directly at the sun (even briefly) unless you have the appropriate eye protection, such as approved solar viewers or solar glasses (with a mark indicating they meet “ISO 12312-2” safety requirements), or arc-welder's glass of shade level #13 or #14 (do not use lower numbers!).

It is NOT considered safe to look at the sun through smoked glass, stacked sunglasses, “crossed polarizing” shades, or other any other filters. While these may greatly dim the Sun's glare, thus giving the illusion of being a safe way to look at the sun, invisible ultraviolet or infrared radiation can get through, which can severely damage your eyes.

NEVER look through binoculars or a telescope that does not have an approved solar filter made for that device. NEVER look through an unfiltered telescope or binoculars while you are wearing (or holding) a solar filter/solar glasses. The concentrated sunlight can burn through the filter and severely damage your eyes before you even realize it.

(“Pinhole viewers” are intended to allow you to look at the shadow image of the eclipse on the ground, NOT to look at the sun itself.) 

Go to the NASA Website for further information.


The college established a Safety Committee consisting of faculty, staff and students representing the broad spectrum of institutional activities and functions.The role of the Safety Committee is threefold, to promote health and safety on campus, to mitigate occupational and environmental hazards, and to establish a forum to discuss and resolve safety issues and concerns reported by individuals on campus.