Safety Committee

Trees in front of Reid Hall with Fall foliage

Action Taken by the Safety Committee resulting from reported concerns

Reported Safety Concern (February 2014):

After a civilian was injured on campus the following questions were raised regarding safe transport of individuals to the hospital or doctor when an ambulance is not needed for transport as determined by the nurse at Student Health or by the obvious severity of the injury or illness.

Action taken by the Safety Committee:

LCSC Nurse, Sherry Sweikert in Student Health Services would like to be able to put injured students in a cab for transport to the hospital and have money available from the college to pay for it.  She said she gets about 5-8 situations like this a year where they do not need an ambulance or have no one to take them to a doctor.

After considering Sherry’s suggestion the committee agreed upon the following approach. The person should not be transported to the hospital in a college owned vehicle.  If they cannot take themselves, a family member, a friend or a taxi are the best alternatives for transport.   

Reported SAfety concern (February 2014):

A staff member reported that a water spout sticking out about six inches from the outside wall of the Athletics building could be a problem if someone hits their head on it while walking by. It is located on the north side of the building facing Reid Hall, next to the steps up to the western ticket window. 

Action taken by the Safety Committee:

After further discussing the committee agree this was not a safety hazard. There is no history of injuries with this spout and we do not expect there to be any in the future. 

Reported safety concern:

The sycamore tree on 6th Street and 11th Avenue blocks vision for cars turning left from 6th Street onto 11th Avenue.

Action taken by the Safety Committee:

The Safety Committee made a recommendation to Executive Administrative to have the tree removed.

Reported safety concern:

The lighting behind Spalding Hall and the parking lot of Clark Hall needs more lighting at night. 

Action taken by the Safety Committee:

The lighting issue was temporary due to the roof on Spalding Hall being replaced. Lights were down four to six weeks while Spalding Hall was re-roofed. A new light fixture will go up soon to increase lighting at night for Clark Hall parking lot. It will be attached to the pole that lights up the garage doors of the auto shop, and directed to the Clark Hall parking lot. 


The red brick in campus sidewalks is a tripping hazard.


350 square feet of brick on the fire lanes will be replaced with stamped concrete.  The project will start the beginning of November 2013. Five existing handicap curbs need to be changed to ADA standards and funding for the project will roll out in three phases, approximately $75,000 over the next three years.