Safety Committee

Trees in front of Reid Hall with Fall foliage

Action Taken by the Safety Committee resulting from reported concerns

get the word out about safe winter driving (November 2014):

Administration tasked the committee with getting the word out about safe winter driving.

action taken by the safety committee:

The Safety Committee enlisted the help of Diane Driskill and Andy Tuschhoff’s five graphic art students to create their own design/poster to promote safe winter driving. Phil Liggins from the “skid shop” provided guidance to the students before they began their first drafts. The safe driving posters were displayed at LCSC, Clarkston High School and Lewiston High School with a banner asking people to vote for their favorite poster.  All three schools choose “Drive Slow in the Snow” as their favorite and that poster is now displayed at various locations on all three campuses.

new Reported Safety Concern:

Fisher systems emergency notification system in some buildings is not loud enough for people to hear from their offices on campus and it is not available in some dorms.

action taken by the safety committee:

Security discovered a new mass emergency notification system for cell phones call Now Force.  It is a free application that includes a panic button with a drop down box to add details to any reported emergency. The first training session is Feb 19, 2015 and after that Security will begin to offer it on a voluntary basis to students, staff and faculty.

New reported safety concern:

People drive too fast on 6th Street between campus and the parking lots.

action taken by the safety committee:

Barb Pierce the Director of Security talked to the city and the city does not have money to install two to three speed bumps on 6th Street.  However, the City Traffic Advisory Committee is still reviewing our request for speed bumps on 6th Street, and if approved, the college would purchase and install them.