North Central Idaho Small Business Development Center

More Area and Internet Resources local, state and federal governments, information, ...

These are some of the links we use to help area businesses.  We hope you find them useful.

Local Governments for Zoning, Permit, Tax and License information

State Resources for business registrations, regulations, information, and taxes for Idaho and Washington.

Federal Government Resources for EIN, tax, SBA, patent, and many resources.

Area Chambers of Commerce for lunches, learning, politics and business social activities.

Area Economic Development Organizations make connections to grow the local economy.

Business 2 Business Local resources such as accountants, web designers, and attorneys.

Commercial Resources such as suppliers, forms, and information.

Local Area Libraries for general information searches, research, or analysis.

Other Information and Education links we have found to be helpful and interesting.

Local News Media to help get the word out.

Idaho SBDC YouTube Channel for information videos.

Crowdfunding can make big things happen.

Six Shortcuts on the Science of Persuasion.

Deluxe Small Business Resource Center has alot of information to help the small business.

Gusto for Small Business Hacks has helps on choosing the right funding.



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