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Raising Capital Necessary and difficult

Capital is needed to start a business.  Capital can include a variety of resources business people bring to an endeavor. Money, time, equipment, real estate, knowledge, patents, people, inventory, name recognition, and more can fall into this category.  The need to raise money is a typical reason people seek out the Small Business Development Center for individual consulting.

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The Idaho SBDC has a page that describes Business Funding.

The Small Business Administration, SBA, provides loan guarantees for business loans, usually through commercial banks.  Most of the banks in our region make these loans.  An SBA loan guarantee can be helpful if you don't have quite enough down payment for a building or you are growing a profitable enterprise.

Most Commercial Banks are not willing to take the risk on loaning to a new start-up business. Financing will be easier to obtain if you have an established, profitable business, or are buying one. A good Business Plan may be required and we can help with that. 

For smaller loans in our region, the Clearwater Economic Development Association provides business loans for a variety of purposes and terms. 

A local group has started sponsoring a limited number of KIVA loans for starting or growing your enterprise.  These are micro loans.  CEDA, is one of the contacts.

We have had clients use to raise capital.

To learn more about financial reports and raising capital, check out our workshop schedule.

If you would like us to help you with making cash flow projections or reviewing your capital needs, just contact us.

You may have plans for a high return endeavor and are interested in investors such as Angels and Venture Capital Firms. We may be able to help you prepare your pitch deck, connect you with the right people, and protect your ownership.

We have many ways to help people raise capital, but providing grants is not one of them. This is a page from one of our workshops: Grants? Not Likely—even if you are disabled, a veteran, woman owned business, or minority. Possible exceptions:

•Vocational Rehabilitation-usually training.
•Agriculture-usually research
•Exporting-usually group travel
•Innovative Technology wanted by government-usually research or testing.
•Scholarships, VA, or Pell Grants for education
•Infrastructure: Roads, water, sewer, Low Income housing…
•Tax benefits for investments, health insurance, hiring unemployed veterans, and job creation
•Non-Profit Charitable Organizations

The internet is full of advertising for programs to help entrepreneurs obtain needed capital.  Don't fall for their tell you what you want to hear tactics.  They will steal your money. They are good at it.  They range from help with patents, to loan brokers, to consulting, to drop shippers, to investors.  They specialize in scamming existing and potential business people out of their hard earned capital. This is the SBA page  on the subject.

This is a good list with SB grant examples: on here.

See more on "Online Small Business Lenders"

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