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Research make better decisions based on quality information

Research information could be helpful in determining your business or growth feasibility and for obtaining capital.

These are some of the topics we can typically find at no cost to our clients, through our networks.

Business Report

  • Annual Consumer Expenditures-Provides total consumer expenditures by category for your location.
  • Competitor List-List and/or sources of competitors in a specified location
  • Copyright, patent, trademark information-Definitions and locations, how-to
  • Customer Profile-“Best Customer” for a product or service
  • Demographics (GIS)-Statistics of an area: population, age, income
  • Business Licenses/Permits-Resources for local and State Regulations
  • Financial Ratio Industry benchmarks
  • Franchisee and Franchisor Resources
  • Industry Overviews and Trends-Reflects industry conditions
  • Market Statistics-Break-down of markets by industry
  • Psychographic Data-Lifestyle and interests for specific consumer segments
  • Publication List-Journals, periodicals
  • Sample Business Plan-Hypothetical examples
  • Suppliers List-Sources of wholesalers, vendors or manufacturers
  • Trade Association and Trade Show lists for a specific industry
  • Valuation

For research assistance, email with the areas that you are interested in.

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