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Quick Answers for Our Client's Sometimes Complicated Business Questions

Business Planning

Why You Need A Business Plan

Top Ten To Plan

Business Plan Outline and Layout

Top Ten Business Model Canvas Pitfalls

Top Ten for Making Predictions

Buy, Sell and Business Valuation

Top Ten for Looking at Your Business Numbers like a Buyer

Top Ten Burning Questions Every Buyer Wants Answered

Top Ten: Preparing to Sell your Business


Top Ten for Making Predictions (about your business numbers)

Top Ten for Cash Flow

Top Ten for Simple Cash Flow Projection

Top Ten for Calculating the Break Even Point

Ten Small Business Record Filing Categories

Raising Capital

Top Ten for Financing

Top Ten to Prepare to Meet with a Business Lender

Top SBA 7A Lenders in the Inland Northwest

Top 12 Business Categories for SBA Loans in the Inland Northwest

Top Ten to Raise Investment Capital

Reducing Risk

Top Ten to Protect Your Assets

IRS Dirty Dozen Scam List: Don't be a Victim

Top Ten to Strengthen Your Business

IRS Resources @ Your Fingertips

Ten to Minimize Embezzlement Risk

Ten Common Scams that Target Small Business

Human Resources

Top Ten to Hiring and Employee

Top Ten for Creating a Job Description

Top Ten Do NOT Ask Job Interview or Employment Questions

Top Ten for Employee Engagement

Top Ten Payroll Mistakes

Top Ten for Reasonable Accommodations under the ADA

Top Ten for Employers

Top Ten Time Wasters for Employers

Top Ten to Fire an Idaho Employee for Cause

 Ten for Employee Conflict


Local B2B Contacts

Government and Information Contacts

SBDC Consultants in North Central Idaho

LCSC Contacts

Idaho SBDC

Lightbulb Bubble


Top Ten for a New Invention

Top 10 for Labeling & Packaging

Top Ten to Acquire, Lease, or Develop Business Property

Top Ten Ways to Use High Speed Internet to Increase Productivity

Top Ten for Time Management

Twelve for Dealing with Procrastination

Top Ten for Problem Solving

Top Ten for Restaurant Success

Top 10 Links for Cyber Security

Top 20 Questions for Cyber Risk Exposure

Top 10 Data Security Lessons from the Federal Trade Commission

Don't Be Hacker Bait: Do This One-Hour Security Drill


Top Ten for Marketing

Twenty High Converting Words

Website Content Exercise

Ten for SEO

Top Ten for Creating Your Website Home Page

The Small Business Website: 10 Mistakes Your Clients Must Not Make

Top Ten to Attract Local Customers Using the Internet

Ten Value Possibilities for Websites

Ten for Website Trust

Ten Social Advertising Tips

Ten for Website Content

Website Fundamentals

Ten Web Content Examples


Top Ten Internet Information Resouces for a Small Business

Top Ten Resources on the SBA Website:

SBDC's Top Ten Free Resources

Top 12 SBDC Workshop Topics

Ten Reasons To Refer Small Business Clients to Your SBDC

SBDC Consulting Tools

Top Ten Exceptions to No Grants

Top Ten Contacts and Resources for New Technology


Top Ten Reasons You Might Want to Be in or Stay in Business

Dirty Dozen: Entrepreneurship Self Quiz

Top Ten Business Pitfalls

Top Ten Reasons Small Businesses Fail

Top Ten Why I Should Avoid Going into Business

Top Ten to Start A Business in Idaho

Top Ten To Make Your Business Legitimate In Idaho

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