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Mike Romiski-Kendrick

"[The SBDC] is a great place to get a critical point of view on what you are trying to achieve."

After suffering a brain injury, Mike Romiski needed to regain coordination and the use of his hands. A friend recommended swinging Indian clubs, an ancient form of low-impact excercise. After seeing improvement over the course of a few months, he was convinced of their value.

Mike started handcrafting these intricate clubs out of reclaimed wood as a way to keep himself active and was proud that he could provide the tools to assist others in improving themselves. After some early success, Mike sought advice on how to grow his production capabilities at the Idaho SBDC. There he received assistance with making financial projections, evaluating equipment leases and was connected with the Automated Manufacturing Professor at LCSC and Vocational Rehabilitation.

The business has become a family affair. His wife, Lisa, serves in many roles- in marketing, photography, bookkeeping and quality control. And Mike now has a computer controlled lathe that will accomplish in two hours what used to take two days. He is putting these tools to good use as sales continue to grow.




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