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The Yarn Underground


Shelley Stone and Marisa Gibler - Moscow

One is spinning out of control while the other is crazy for color. The Yarn Underground shop was formed by two Moscow moms, Shelley Stone and Marisa Gibler, each blessed with a son and a daughter and both avid knitters who like to knit with the “good stuff.” The business takes its name from its basement location.

The mission of The Yarn Underground is to bring customers great yarn and affordable tools. The shop is stocked with locally produced alpaca, yak, angora and wool fibers for spinning and felting and locally spun and dyed yarn. Fiber producers can also sell their fibers on consignment at The Yarn Underground. Used books provide patterns for a much lower cost than new ones and if you don’t want to spend $10 for a new pair of needles, you can access the needle exchange. The store will purchase “gently used” needles for store credit and sell them at half the regular retail price. The shop also rents tools that are needed only occasionally, including ball winders, drop spindles, lace blocking wires and a swift, all available for small weekly fee. The shop also carries new items for purchase, including knitting needles, unique stitch markers, handmade nostepinnes and a variety of notions.

Classes are available in knitting, crocheting, spinning and needle felting. If you are having trouble with a vexing pattern, bring it to the shop for expert help. Snagged your favorite sweater? No problem, these experts can fix your fray in no time.

Stone and Gibler turned to the SBDC for information on starting their business. The SBDC also assisted by reviewing their business plan and provided guidance in setting up the business as an LLC.

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