Natural Sciences and Mathematics


Why study Engineering?

Engineering may not be the easiest area of study, but engineering careers continue to be in demand.  Because they are challenging, when you study engineering you stand out from the crowd. You're also more likely to find employment quickly and work your way up the career ladder with an engineering degree under your belt.

Now more than ever, engineering is a multidisciplinary profession. Whether they’re simulating seismic forces on the world’s tallest buildings or designing nanomanufacturing processes, engineers must take into account the perspectives of multiple stakeholders. 

 Why study Engineering at LCSC?

Your one to three year pre-engineering program at LCSC prepares you for that multidisciplinary approach to engineering by offering foundational engineering classes that engineering students need.  At LCSC we are a close-knit learning environment with your learning at the center of our goals.  Here you will find friendly, accessible, dedicated and highly qualified professors teaching all of your classes.  At LCSC you can enroll in a complete set of foundational engineering courses ready for transfer to any other accredited institution to complete your bachelor's degree.

Why is it called Pre-Engineering rather than Engineering?

The “Pre” denotes it is the foundational, first years of an engineering program.  The engineering classes at LCSC align with the same classes engineering students at any other accredited engineering school take and are readily transferred to these schools.  The “Pre” denotes that you do have to eventually transfer to another school to complete your engineering degree.   

Is the Engineering Program the same as the Engineering Technology Program?

The two programs are similar in that they are both steeped in math and science, but the Engineering program directs students toward design and implementation and is housed in Academic Programs; Engineering Technology directs students to application specific mechanics and is housed in Professional/Technical Programs.