Social Sciences Division

Alumni Careers

Three graduating students in front of Spalding Hall

 Three of our 2013 Graduating Students

Post-graduation our students regularly pursue interesting careers in a variety of fields or decide to continue their studies in a number of top graduate school across the country.

This year three Social Sciences-History majors (from left to right on the photo: Nate Williams, Amy Cooper and Joni Ford) were accepted into History MA programs, which is a significant achievement for these dedicated and hard working students.

Go Warriors!

Amy Cooper

wants to live her entire life engaged in history. "My experiences at L-C have gone beyond traditional classroom learning and have given me experience and skills that many undergraduate students may never have access to." When asked about the future after graduate school, Amy shared that she hates to limit herself by making palns but she would be very happy continuing to study history in a classroom with futrue generations of students.

We wish her all the best at Northeastern University in Boston!

Joni Ford

has always been interested in history. She loves the idea of seeing events in the past and how it affects happenings of today. When asked why she is pursuing graduate school, Joni responded that she wants to teach at the collegiate level and instill the love of history into students, like she has experienced at LCSC.

We are sure that she will do great at Washington State University!

Nate Williams

is also interested in pursuing a college teaching career. He shared "My professors taught me to be critical of my sources, question the author's motives and evidence, and to compare and contrast sources that I would not have associated with one and other before. This was empowering and gave me the skill and confidence to do my own research. The small class size allowed for open discussion, where I learned from other students as well as the lecturer."

We know that Nate will do an outstanding job as teaching fellow and graduate student at Idaho State University!

What others have done...

This is only a partial list of the careers our students have pursued upon graduation from our Social Sciences program in recent years.

This list will give you an idea of the versatility of a Social Sciences Major degree.

A group of graduating students in caps and gowns

- Serving as Executive Director of Crossing Borders Project, a non-profit group that advocates for immigrant and refuee women and their children

- Serving as Deputy Prosecutor for Nez Perce County in Idaho

- Heading the Circulation Department for a college library

- Acting as the Campaign Manager for the Minority Leader of the Idaho House of Representatives

- Serving as an Interpreter at the Nez Perce National Historical Park, a facility managed by the NAtional Parks Serives

- Acting as Site Manager for a college outreach center

- Serving as AmericCorps volunteer

- Working as Enrollment Director for Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation in Washington State

- Direct the Nez Perce Tribe's Adult Education Program