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What can I do with a Political Science degree?

Aristotle called Political Science the Master Science over 2000 years ago, expressing the notion that ultimately everything is political from the most mundane of who gets which classroom to the most central concern of the state of whether to go to war or not.

Because virtually everything is political, studying politics means studying almost everything. Political Science in this sense is an interdisciplinary discipline, borrowing from and overlapping with all of the other social sciences. At times, it is difficult to figure out where anthropology, history, human geography, economics and psychology leave off and Political Science begins.

Graduates in Political Science, equipped with analytical skills to better understand how society works in its economic and political complexities, enter into a wide variety of careers. And yes, some might also end up becoming the next U.S. president like Woodrow Wilson. 

For more information on the great diversity of career paths, check out the American Political Science Association career website.

LCSC PoliSci Club giving money to the YWCA food bank

Political Science students handing over a 500$ check to the Lewiston YWCA in the spring 2013

What is Political Science?

An analytical focus on the exercise of power is at the heart of Political Science. Who gets what and why and is the distribution fair are questions, which keep political scientists awake at night.

In other words the discipline concentrates its attention on the balances and imbalances of power, aka resources, by studying ideas, institutions and individuals' self-interests.  

Subfields in the discipline include political theory, American government, comparative politics, international relations, political economy, policy studies and a host of related fields.

What courses do I need to take at LCSC?

View our Social Sciences Major requirements with a Political Science emphasis

You can also view the requirements for a Political Science Minor, if you have selected another major.

To make Political Science YOUR academic choice, contact our Political Science Faculty Advisor, Associate Professor Leif Hoffmann .