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Social Work

Our Accredited Program Options

LCSC offers the only fully accredited BSW in northern Idaho. The program includes courses prescribed by the Council on Social Work Education in research, practice methods, human behavior, social policy, and a variety of electives.

The Bachelor of Social Work is designed to prepare entry-level generalist practice social workers with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to help families, groups, individuals and communities solve social problems and promote social justice. BSW students are trained in assessment, interviewing, intake, service planning, community outreach, advocacy, and case management. All students complete an internship during their senior year. BSW graduates are qualified to sit for the State Social Work License Exam.

Employed in a wide variety of public and private human service agencies, many graduates choose to enroll in a graduate program and pursue a Masters of Social Work.


Lewiston Program: Traditional face-to-face four year program that caters to individuals who learn best through peer and instructor interaction, weekly practice of social work skills, and a campus environment.  Learn more.

Coeur d'Alene Program: Traditional face-to-face two year program in which most students transfer from a local community college with their Associates degree already in place.  Our program is located on the North Idaho College Campus and incorporates peer and instructor learning in a face-to-face setting.  There are a few courses that are offered only on-line.  Learn more.

Hybrid Program: On-line, two year program that utilizes video conferencing, web-based learning, with a twist of face-to-face opportunities twice a semester to both the Lewiston and/or Coeur d'Alene campuses.  Our program caters to students who live in rural areas within 300 miles of either campus, are employed full-time, and/or have children or elder dependents.  Learn more.

Our Accredited  Social Work Program is based on knowledge, skills, and values derived from the Council on Social Work Education Core Standards that informs our Mission Statement.  The highlight of our students' educational experience is a year long internship in a social work agency.  Learn more about our field education.