Social Sciences Division

Syllabi Social Sciences

Fall 2017


ANTH 102-01 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 102-02 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 102-60 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 170-01 Introduction to Native American Studies

ANTH 311-60 Culture and Education

ANTH 360-60 Race and Ethnicity


GEOG 102-01 Introduction to Geography

GEOG 102-02 Introduction to Geography


HIST 101-01 World Civilizations Before 1500

HIST 101-02 World Civilizations Before 1500

HIST 101-60 World History Pre-1500

HIST 102-60 World Civilization Since 1500

HIST 111-01 United States History to 1865

HIST 111-60 American History to 1865

HIST 112-01 United States History since 1865

HIST 424-01 American Women’s History

HIST 425-01 History of the American West


ID 300J-60 Terrorism

ID 300L-60 Vietnam

ID 300L-61 Vietnam

ID 300U-01 Women in the 20th Century


PHIL 200-01 Political/Social Philosophy

Political Science

POLS 101-01 American National Government

POLS 101-60 American National Goverment

POLS 200-01 Political/Social Philosophy

POLS 300-01 International Political Economy

POLS 492-01 Law, Justice, and Society

Social Science

SS 300-01 Statistical Methods

SS 300-02 Statistical Methods

SS 300-60 Statistical Methods

SS 300-61 Statistical Methods

SS 385-01 Research Methods

SS 385-7501 Research Methods


SOC 101-01 Introduction to Sociology

SOC 101-02 Introduction to Sociology

SOC 101-60 Introduction to Sociology

SOC 102-60 Current Social Problems

SOC 102-61 Current Social Problems

SOC 275-7501 Principles of Interviewing and Case Studies

SOC 320-60 Juvenile Delinquency

SOC 333-01 White Collar Crime

SOC 345-01 Criminology

SOC 360-60 Race and Ethnicity

SOC 366-01 Environmental Sociology