Comprehensive Strategic Plan FY 2014-2018

The Lewis-Clark State College Strategic Plan FY 2014-2018 describes the current higher education environment in Idaho, provides a roadmap for LCSC over the next five years, and provides the context for future decision making. The Strategic Plan will guide the preparation of Unit Action Plans, Presidential Guidance initiatives, institutional assessment practices, and overall budgeting processes for the entire college.

To help develop the plan, College President J. Anthony Fernández appointed a Strategic Plan Steering Committee in April, 2012, that included faculty, professional staff, classified staff, administrators, and students. The Strategic Plan Steering Committee worked closely with LCSC senior administration and the campus community to recommend LCSC’s strategic planning goals and objectives for the next five years.

The Steering Committee reviewed LCSC’s overarching goals and basic approach to operations, as stated in its current vision statement, suggested specific goals, objectives, and action strategies to attain those overall goals, and insured that the strategic goals were consonant with LCSC’s approved role and mission. In doing so, the Strategic Plan Steering Committee utilized the results of the LCSC Strategic Planning Retreat held February 9-10, 2012, and engaged the entire campus community and beyond in recommending LCSC’s strategic goals and objectives for the next five years.

The Steering Committee provided the LCSC administration with a draft plan in December, 2012. The draft consisted of four overall goals with attendant objectives and strategies. The administration reviewed and edited the draft strategic plan and added clarifying sections.

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