Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Steering Committee and Timeline

Strategic Plan Steering Committee

  • Chair: Allen Schmoock, Information Technology
  • Harold Crook, Humanities Division
  • Doug Cruthirds, Associated Students
  • Laura Earles, Social Sciences Division
  • Howard Erdman, Institutional Planning, Research and Assessment
  • Debbie Goodwin, Business Division
  • Rocky Owens, Coeur d' Alene Center
  • Andrew Hanson, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Rachel Jameton, Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division
  • Kathy Martin, Community Programs and Governmental Relations
  • Joni Mina, Business Technology and Service Division
  • Sue Niewenhous, Library Services
  • Jeff Phelps, Controller
  • Janis Van Hook, President's Office


February 2012 Planning retreat involves 40 participants for two days
April 2012 President appoints and charges the Strategic Plan Steering Committee
April-October 2012 Strategic Plan Steering Committee develops proposed goals and objectives
November 2012 Forums Strategic Plan Steering Committee conducts comment forums on proposed goals and objectives for targeted audiences
November 2  Coeur d’Alene Center faculty, staff and student leadership
November 5   All campus audience
November 8  Student audience
November 13 LCSC Foundation Board of Directors and LCSC Alumni Association Board of Directors
November 15 Faculty audience
November 28, 2012 President charges the Strategic Plan Steering Committee to refine goals and objectives and to develop strategies to accomplish the objectives
December 2012 Strategic Plan Steering Committee submits the draft plan to the President
January-March 2013 The college administration refines the draft plan submitted by the Strategic Plan Steering Committee
April 2013 Administration distributes refined plan to the campus community
August 2013 Strategic Plan completed and distributed to stakeholders