Strategic Plan

Goal 1 Sustain and enhance excellence in teaching and learning

Goal 1 Instructor and students in learning environment

Objective 1.A. Strengthen courses, programs, and curricula consonant with the mission and core themes of the institution.

Courses and programs will be assessed. The college will identify opportunities for improvement, expansion, and/or elimination of courses and programs; will foster closer collaboration and integration with the K-12 system; and will engage the local community and business leadership in the planning of current and future program offerings. The college will explore initiatives to improve student preparation and readiness to succeed in college level courses.

Action: President, Provost and Vice Presidents, Director of Institutional Planning, Research and Assessment, Assessment Coordination Committee, Functional Area Assessment Committees, Division/Unit Assessment Groups

Objective 1B. Ensure the General Education Core achieves its expected learning outcomes.

The alignment of the General Education Core with institutional General Education goals and statewide General Education standards will be assessed. Cross-disciplinary communication and collaboration will improve faculty design and delivery of General Education Core courses. The college will ensure faculty with teaching assignments within the General Education Core understand institutional General Education goals.

Action: Provost, Dean of Academic Programs, General Education Committee

Objective 1C. Optimize technology-based course delivery, resources, and support services for students, faculty, and staff.

Equipment, software, and technological capabilities will be current and sufficient for student, faculty, and staff needs. Training in effective online course design and instruction for faculty will be strengthened.

Action: Provost, Chief Technology Officer, Director of e-Learning Services, Data Advisory Committee, Instructional Technology Advisory Committee

Objective 1D. Maximize direct faculty and student interactions inside and outside the classroom.  

LCSC will maintain appropriate student-to-faculty ratios by providing adequate numbers of sections for high- demand courses and by keeping course capacities at appropriate levels. The college will seek to increase student participation and engagement in academic and non-curricular activities.

Action: Provost, Vice President for Student Affairs, Director of Institutional Planning, Research and Assessment

Objective 1E. Recruit and retain a highly qualified and diverse faculty and staff.

The college will work to provide fair and competitive compensation for faculty and staff and will support increased opportunities for faculty and staff development. All faculty and staff pay will meet or exceed the median reported from peer institutions. Faculty development opportunities will be increased. Adjunct faculty pay will be increased.

Action: President, Provost and Vice Presidents, Deans

Objective 1F. Provide a safe, healthy, and positive environment for teaching and learning.

The college will increase the accessibility and safety of campus facilities and processes, expand wellness and healthy lifestyle participation, and foster a positive learning and working environment.

Action: Vice President for Finance and Administration