Strategic Plan

Goal 2 Optimize student enrollment and promote student success

Objective 2A. Marketing efforts will focus on clearly identified populations of prospective students.

The college will establish a brand identity for advertising and marketing. It will expand outreach to students seeking a residential college experience and to potential students who do not think they need college, do not think they can succeed in college, or do not think they can afford college. The college will increase its recruiting efforts for non-traditional students, strengthen its support of community college transfer students, and establish enrollment targets for out-of-state and international students. The college will leverage dual credit and Tech Prep programs as a means to connect with high school students and invest in scholarships to strategically grow enrollment.

Action: Vice President for Student Affairs, Director of College Communications, Director of New Student
Recruitment, Director of International Programs

Objective 2B. Retain and graduate a diverse student body.

Goal 2 Diverse student populationLCSC will implement a student success course to enhance academic skills, impart post-secondary values and expectations, and coach students during their first semester. The course will supplement other curricular and advising reforms targeted towards students who place into Math and English courses below core levels.

Action: Provost, Vice President for Student Affairs, Dean of Academic Programs

The college will continue the implementation of a centralized advising model to serve incoming freshmen and implement an advising assessment tool that students will complete during the course registration process. Student Affairs will develop pre-admission programs, including financial literacy, to help prospective students and their families prepare for college.

Action: Vice President for Student Affairs

LCSC will establish a Center for Teaching and Learning in order to support and share improvements in teaching, assessment, and curriculum development.

Action: Provost, Vice President for Student Affairs

Objective 2C. Maximize student satisfaction and engagement.

The college will conduct student satisfaction surveys on an annual basis and participate in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) every three years. The college will also conduct an internal analysis to identify areas for improvement in the student enrollment cycle and academic cycle. The college will expand infrastructure to entice students to reside on campus and, with the input and guidance of student government, will support a wide variety of social and academic student activities.

Action: Vice President for Student Affairs, Director of Institutional Planning, Research and Assessment