Strategic Plan

Goal 3 Strengthen and expand collaborative relationships and partnerships

Objective 3A. Increase volunteer, internship, and career placement opportunities.

The college will foster, promote and track student internship opportunities within each division, determine local business and industry needs through periodic surveys or professional forums, and leverage campus expertise to build and maintain relationships with local business and industry. All matriculated students will serve as volunteers and/or interns as part of their educational program.

Timeline: FY 2017
Action: Provost, Deans

Objective 3B. Collaborate with relevant businesses, industries, agencies, practitioners, and organizations for the beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources.

The college will develop an inventory of faculty expertise that committees and boards of local organizations may draw upon. Faculty and staff will actively participate in statewide development of processes and systems to strengthen K-20 partnerships. LCSC will foster, promote, and support student, faculty, and staff research or other projects that benefit the community and region.

Timeline: FY 2015
Action: Provost, Dean of Community Programs and Governmental Relations, Director of Grants and Contracts

Objective 3C. Increase cooperation and engagement of alumni for the advancement of the college.

Goal 3 Alumni BoardLCSC will invite alumni to participate in ongoing networking activities and campus events, create an alumni mentorship program for students, and incorporate alumni presence and testimonials in institutional advertising campaigns and recruiting efforts.

Timeline: FY 2017
Action: Director of College Advancement, Director of Alumni and Community Relations, President of the LCSC Alumni Association 

Objective 3D. Advance the college with community members, business leaders, political leaders, and current and future donors.

The college will invite local community and business leaders to participate in college activities and arrange for current students and alumni to meet with key individuals to promote the benefits of higher education and the needs of LCSC. LCSC will create opportunities for business and political leaders and future donors to engage in learning sessions with current students.

Timeline: Ongoing
Action: President, Provost and Vice Presidents, Deans, Director of College Advancement, President of the
LCSC Foundation

LCSC will continue to strengthen its relationship to the local community through promotion of the National
Association of Intercollegiate Athletics “Champions of Character” student-athlete program.

Timeline: FY 2017
Action: Athletic Director