Strategic Plan

Goal 4 Leverage resources to maximize institutional strength and efficiency

Objective 4A. Allocate and reallocate funds to support priorities and program areas that are significant in meeting the role and mission of the institution. 

Budget and assessment instruments will provide clear links to the strategic plan. Information regarding existing and expected financial resources and targeted priorities will be readily available. 

Timeline: FY 2014
Actions: President, Provost and Vice Presidents, Deans, Chair of Faculty SenatePie chart reflecting LC revenue by percentage

Objective 4B. Assess and modify organizational structure and institutional processes to ensure the most effective use of resources.

LCSC will review current organizational structure (Appendix 5) and implement modifications to streamline processes and enhance communication.

Timeline: FY 2016
Action: President, Provost and Vice Presidents, Faculty Senate, Professional Staff Organization, Classified Staff Organization

Objective 4C. Continuously improve campus buildings, grounds, and infrastructure to maximize environmental sustainability and learning opportunities.

The college will assess and update the Facilities Master Plan on an annual basis, with priority given to classrooms and teaching. The college will implement building maintenance initiatives to increase energy efficiency, use of green technology, and recycling.

Timeline: FY 2014
Action: Provost, Vice President for Finance and Administration

Objective 4D. Create a timetable for the sustainable acquisition and replacement of instruments, machinery, equipment, and technologies and ensure required infrastructure is in place.

LCSC will create an inventory schedule of campus physical resources that includes lifespans, maintenance contracts, and estimated replacement dates, and will update the schedule on an annual basis. The college will develop a campus-wide funding plan for maintenance and replacement of resources.

Timeline: FY 2014
Action: Provost, Vice President for Finance and Administration

Objective 4E. Identify and secure public and private funding to support strategic plan priorities.

Faculty and staff capacity to secure external funding will be strengthened by supporting grant writing efforts at both the departmental and institutional level. LCSC will collaborate with public and private stakeholders to generate the resources necessary to expand facilities and programs and will broaden communication and outreach to connect the entire college community to the LCSC Foundation and evolving fundraising initiatives.

Timeline: Ongoing
Action: President, Provost and Vice Presidents, Director of College Advancement, President of the LCSC Foundation, Director of Grants and Contracts