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Refund Policy

Refund of Tuition and Fees

The refund policy is subject to change without prior notice. Refunds are based on a 16-week semester for Fall and Spring terms, contingent upon payment in full of tuition and fees. Upon completion of the institutional withdrawal process, students are entitled to a refund of tuition and fees as established by the institution and federal regulations regarding Title IV federal financial aid.  Failure to initiate and/or complete the institutional withdrawal process from college will result in zero refund.  The Summer School refund policy is abbreviated due to the shortened length of individual sessions.  See the Summer refund policy below. 

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Total Withdrawal from All Fall/Spring Semester Courses

Notifications of withdrawal and requests for refunds must be in writing.  For procedures on withdrawing please review the information and total withdrawal form on the Registrar's Office webpage.  Refunds are processed upon the completion of the withdrawal process.  Please see the withdrawal information located in the Admission/Registrar section of the catalog. Federal regulations regarding Title IV federal financial aid take precedence over institutional policy for refunds to recipients of Title IV financial aid.

Federal financial aid recipients ‘earn’ their aid as the semester progresses. When a federal aid recipient withdraws, a pro rata schedule is used to determine the amount of funds the student has earned at the time of withdrawal.  LCSC returns the 'unearned' aid to the applicable federal program.  An aid recipient who has attended 60% of the term is considered to have ‘earned all of their aid’.  Students who receive federal aid and do not complete 60% of the semester must repay a portion of the ‘unearned’ aid immediately.  The earlier a student withdraws, the less aid they earn.

Students who do not earn any credits and do not withdraw, may have their earned aid calculation based on the mid-point of the semester, or the last date of an academically related activity in which the student participated and the school can verify.  LCSC returns the 'unearned' aid to the applicable federal program.  

For examples of the earned and unearned aid calculations, please review the Student Consumer Information page.  The student is responsible to pay LCSC within 30 days the unearned aid that was returned by LCSC under the Return of Title IV Funds federal regulations. 

Institutional Refund Schedule

When withdrawal is completed on or before the tenth day of the semester, 100% of the tuition and fees will be refunded. If withdrawal is completed after the semester has begun, the following schedule applies:

Week Refund %
1 100%
2 100%
3  50%
4  50%
5  25%
6  25%
7    0%
  • Overload fees are refunded using the same schedule as Tuition & Fees (above).

  • All refunds include an administrative fee equal to 5% of tuition and fees.
  • See Dates & Deadlines for semester specific dates.
  • Refunds of less than $10.00 will be held on the student account for a minimum of 3 semesters, unless financial aid funds are involved.

  • If tuition and fees are paid by credit card, refunds will be applied back to the credit card when possible.

COURSE Fee Refund Schedule

Course fees have thier own shedule and will be refunded as follows: 

      Day Refund
   1  -   10 100%
11 and thereafter     0%

Order Of Refund Distribution

For students who have NOT received federal financial aid, refunds are presented in the following order:


1) Sponsored Funding, if applicable
2) Scholarship(s), if applicable
3) Student

For recipients of financial aid, refunds are distributed in the following order based upon Return of Title IV Funds regulations:

1) Unsubsidized FFEL/Direct Stafford Loan
2) Subsidized FFEL/Direct Stafford Loan
3) Federal Perkins Loan
4) FFEL/Direct PLUS Loan
5) Federal Pell Grant
6) Federal SEOG
7) Other Student Title IV Aid Programs
8) Funding Agency, if applicable
9) Scholarship(s), if applicable
10) Student

Students who withdraw from school, and whose financial aid disbursements exceed the amount of Title IV aid earned during their enrollment period, WILL be required to repay a portion of their Title IV financial aid. Additional information is available in the Controller’s Office.

Withdrawal from One or More Courses

Notifications of withdrawal and requests for refunds must be in writing. Refunds are processed upon the completion of the withdrawal process.  Please see the withdrawal information located in the policy section of the catalog.

Refund Schedule

The above referenced refund schedule is applicable for all refunds processed as a result of withdrawing from one or more courses.

Order of Refund Distribution

Refunds will be distributed in the order noted below based upon the number of remaining credits after the withdrawal has been processed.

Remaining credits = 6 or more

Refunds are distributed in the following order:

1) Sponsored Funding, if applicable 
2) Student

Remaining credits = 5 or less

Refunds are distributed in the following order:

1) Sponsored Funding, if applicable
2) Title IV Financial Aid, if applicable
3) Scholarships, if applicable
4) Other funding, if applicable (i.e. alternative loans)
5) Student



The prorated percentages listed below pertains to the per credit registration fees. Additional course fees, lab fees, and program fees, are non-refundable after the first day of the session for summer school. Overload fees for PACE students follow the same refund policy as tuition/registration fees.

Summer sessions are Eleven-weeks (Session 1) or Eight-weeks - (Session 2)

On or before first day of session 100%
First week of session 75%
Second week of session 65%
No refund after second week of session 0%

See Dates & Deadlines for specific dates.

Order of Refund Distribution

The above referenced refund distribution order is applicable to all Summer refunds.


QUESTIONS regarding refunds should be directed to: Lewis-Clark State College, Controller’s Office Student Accounts 500 8th Avenue Lewiston, ID 83501 208-792-2202 or 800-933-5272, ext. 2202 or