Student Accounts

Student Health Insurance Premiums Why are full-time students billed for insurance?

Health insurance is required for full-time full-fee paying students enrolled in 12 or more credits by mandate of the State of Idaho Board of Education. To comply with this mandate, health insurance premiums are added to the fees for full time students and due at the time of fee payment. Students must maintain enrollment in at least 12 credits and actively attend school for 31 days to retain eligibility for the LCSC health insurance.

Students may elect to add dependents by completing an enrollment form and submitting payment on Ascension's website by the Dependent Enrollment Deadline Date.

NEW SHIP Waiver Deadline Date is the FIRST day of the fall and spring semesters. SHIP waivers do not apply to summer semester.

Student health insurance provided through LCSC may be waived if you are covered by a comparable, or better, health insurance policy.

Health Insurance Waivers Must be Submitted:

  • EVERY Semester
  • ON-LINE via Warrior Web (no paper form)
  • By the FIRST day of the semester
  • FALL 2014 DEADLINE IS AUGUST 25, 2014
  • No Exceptions

You must log-in to Warrior Web to submit your health insurance waiver. Waivers can be submitted for current students one week before advance registration begins; new students may submit waiver requests the following business day after registration. 

Submit early! The sooner you submit your insurance waiver, the sooner it can be verified, processed and the SHIP premium can be reversed on your Student Account. If you are getting financial aid funds, it might make the difference between getting residual funds or not!

Please check the SHIP waiver webpage for details about submitting waiver requests.

Please note: Information submitted on the SHIP waivers will be reviewed and verified for current coverage. Check your LC Mail for confirmation that your waiver was submitted and subsequently approved. Student accounts are only updated after a waiver has been approved.

IF additional information is needed to verify that your coverage is comparable and active, you need to respond within 5 business days as directed in the e-mail message. If you do not respond with the additional information, your waiver verification cannot be completed and your waiver request will be denied. It is important that you respond promptly.

When you have received an approval e-mail message, please check your student account to see that the waiver has been applied. Please allow 1-3 business days after the waiver approval email is sent.

Help us help you! Submit your waiver early! Check your LC Mail often!

For more information on insurance coverage, adding dependents, waiver questions, please visit the Student Health Insurance Plan - SHIP webpage for details about the insurance coverage and waiver process.