Student Accounts

Tuition & Fee Schedule for 2013-14 and general fee information

Fees listed below are for the 2013-2014 academic year only and are subject to change as directed by the State Board of Education. For fee-paying purposes, full-time status is defined as 12 or more credit hours per semester. The fees listed are a summary of the most common student fees assessed. Some Academic classes and most Technical Division classes have additional course, lab, and/or program fees. Please note that the additional course fees are subject to change. Please contact the Controller's Office for further details.


Full-time Idaho Resident (12 credits or more) 2,892.00

Full-time Non-Resident  

(non-resident students pay the non-resident tuition in addition to the full-time tuition and fees)

Asotin County:  
      Full-time fees 2,892.00
      Non-Resident tuition 1,584.00
      Total Asotin county non-resident fees & tuition 4,476.00
Other Non-Resident:  
      Full-time fees 2,892.00
      Non-Resident tuition 5,156.00
      Total Non-Resident  8,048.00
 Part-time 1 - 9 credits 296.00/credit 
 Part-time 10 - 11 credits    ---   flat rate 2,892.00
 Overload fee - 20 credits or more, in addition to full-time rate


Courses taken for Audit (same as any other credit; credit value counts towad full-time rate and overload fees)


Summer sessions 2014 (per credit rate, no full-time rate, no out-of-state tuition)

296.00/credit plus 15.00/credit program fee
course fees may apply

 Idaho Senior Citizen - must be at least 60 years old before the semester begins, with documentation on file in the Controller's Office.   20.00 per semester plus  5.00 credit and course fees
Employee/spouse - staff registration request form must be submitted before registration billing (limited to 6 credits in fall/spring semester; 3 credit limit for summer) 20.00 per semester plus  5.00 credit and course fees
Housing and Meal Plan details on the Residence Life webpage  
 Miscellanous Charges  
 Application Fee - international students 50.00
 Credit by Exam (Challenge) Fee 50.00 plus 10.00/credit
 Health insurance - Mandatory - Fall 2013 823.00
 Health Insurance - Mandatory - Spring/Summer 2014  1,137.00
 Health Insurance for dependents is optional  premium varies
 Late Fees 20.00 - 200.00
 Parking Permits - Students/Employees 5.00/55.00
 Payment Plan Fee 10.00-20.00 
 Residence Life Housing Deposit 200.00
 Returned Check Fee 20.00