Student Accounts

Tuition and Fee Schedule 2016-17

Semester fees listed below are for the 2016-2017 academic year only and are subject to change as directed by the State Board of Education. For fee-paying purposes, full-time status is defined as 12 or more credit hours per semester. The fees listed are a summary of the most common student fees assessed. Some Academic classes and most Technical Division classes have additional course, lab, and/or program fees. Please note that the additional course fees are subject to change. Please contact the Controller's Office for further details.


  Per Semester
Full-time Idaho Resident Tuition & Fees (12 credits or more) 3,060.00

Full-time Non-Resident  

(non-resident students pay the non-resident tuition in addition to the full-time tuition and fees)

Asotin County:  
      Full-time tuition & fees 3,060.00
      Non-Resident tuition 1,766.00
      Total Asotin county non-resident fees & tuition 4,826.00
Other Non-Resident:  
      Full-time tuition & fees 3,060.00
      Non-Resident tuition 5,750.00
      Total Non-Resident  8,810.00
 Part-time 1 - 9 credits  313.00/credit 
 Part-time 10 - 11 credits    ---   flat rate 3,060.00
 Overload fee - 20 credits or more, in addition to full-time rate


Courses taken for Audit (same as any other credit; credit value counts towad full-time rate and overload fees)


Course, lab, and/or program fees - Examples of  additional  course fees are listed below. See Search for Sections on Warrior Web for specific course fees. 

Online Technology Fee (Blackboard)

PACE fees

Math courses (calculator fee)

Most Technical Division classes and Kinesiology classes have additional course fees. 






Summer sessions 2017 (per credit rate, no full-time rate, no out-of-state tuition) - Special reduced rate for summer!

250.00/credit plus 
course fees may apply

Idaho Senior Citizen - must be at least 60 years old before the semester begins, with documentation on file in the Controller's Office.    Reduced fees are limited to 6 credits in fall/spring semester; 3 credit limit for summer. See policy #3.130 for details  
        1-6 credits for fall/spring; 3 credits for summer enrollment 20.00 per semester plus  5.00/credit and course fees
        7-11 credits - same rate as part-time $313 per credit, plus reduced fee for 1-6 credits, plus course fees
        12  or more credits - no discount, see fee schedule above  
Employee/spouse - staff registration request form must be submitted before registration billing (limited to 6 credits in fall/spring semester; 3 credit limit for summer).    Fees for enrollment in more than 6 credits is same as Idaho Senior Citizen rate shown above.  See policy #3.130 for details 20.00 per semester plus  5.00/credit and course fees for 1-6 credits
Employee Dependents - Qualified employees' dependent may receive reduced fees as indicated in policy #3.130  for fall/spring semester.  Summer enrollment is not eligible for fee reduction.   50% of resident and non-resident tuition and fees 
Housing and Meal Plan details on the Residence Life webpage  
 Miscellanous Charges  
 Application Fee - international students 50.00
 Credit by Exam (Challenge) Fee

50.00 plus 10.00/credit

Credit by Prior Learning Assessment Fee 75.00 plus 10.00/credit
 Late Fees 20.00 - 200.00
 Parking Permits  10.00
 Payment Plan Fee 10.00-20.00 
 Residence Life Housing Deposit 200.00
 Returned Check Fee 20.00