Student Activities

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Clubs and Organizations A fun way to get involved at LCSC

To enrich the college experience, Lewis-Clark State College has a number of clubs and organizations that students can become involved with. Through this experience students have a chance to explore opportunities, learn and practice skills, have an impact on their environment, and gain a greater sense of belonging to the campus community.

LCSC offers dozens of student clubs and organizations including: student government, the school newspaper (The Pathfinder), the school radio station (KLCZ), honors groups, special interests groups, and intercultural groups. A complete list is below At LCSC it is easy to start a new club or student group.

To inquire about the use of office space for a club or organization, please visit the Student Union Building Help Desk located near the upstairs east entrance to the SUB. 

Student Activities
Student Union Building, Rm 220 Contact (208) 792-2256(208) 792-2082 (fax) Mailing 500 8th Ave. Lewiston, Idaho, 83501 Hours Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

 Student Clubs and Organizations at LCSC


The Accounting Club assists students interested in the accounting profession by helping them to network and gain practical knowledge on the subject.

Advisor Karen Andrews 792-2352
President Samantha Newell
Vice-President Cody Hoerner
Secretary/Treasurer Jessica Beplate 

Active Minds

Advisor Marti Reese 792-2266
President Rose Jackson 
Vice-Pres Haylee Andrews 
Sec./Treas Regan Miley / Joe Perry / 


The primary purposes of AHS are to provide 1) recognition to each member for his/her academic excellence and achievements; 2) members, and the College, with the opportunity to render meaningful campus and community service; and 3) enrichment opportunities for the members.

Advisor Debra Lybyer 792-2313
Advisor Marlowe Daly-Galeano 792-2529
President Whitney Raver
Vice-President Reghan Humphrey
Secretary/Treasurer Sarah Eberle



Anime Club



The purposes of this club are: 1. To promote anthropological interests and awareness; 2. To enhance educational opportunities of the department and provide further enrichment outside the classroom; 3. To publicly recognize student excellence in anthropology; 4. To foster ties between the college and community, as well as other anthropological organizations and departments.


Advisor Kerensa Allison

President Drew Evans
Vice-Pres. Mari Carrillo
Secretary Rachel Hull
Treasure  N/A    N/A


Associated Students of Lewis-Clark State College

Statement of Purpose ASLCSC is a collection of appointed and elected students that work together as a student government to insure that you, the student, have full access to a quality education experience, we do this by being your voice to the schools directors. We are here to help the students make the school better suit themselves and make LCSC the best place to go to school and a more enjoyable experience. Preamble We the students of Lewis-Clark State College, in the belief that students have the right and duty to play a significant role in guiding their college, do hereby establish the ASLCSC Constitution to facilitate the following: the articulation of student opinions and interests both in governance of the college and to the community; the encouragement of the greatest level of cooperation and communication between students and their organizations; the assurance of full student access to quality education; the provision for programs and services to benefit students; and the encouragement of the highest level of excellence in education.

Advisor Brandon Lytle 792-2804
President Andrew AJ Baron
Vice-Pres. Carson Sugden
Sec/Treas. Michael Anderson / Garret Pearson    

Auto Mechanics

Promote good fellowship and better lines of communication between students and the college Administration. Provide an organized outlet for intramural activities in the form of sponsorship. Assist students with finding employment upon graduation. To sponsor specialty education, school field trips which cover areas of interest to automotive students and to provide a link between automotive students and the Skills USA organization.

Advisor Erick Cummings 792-2302
President Evan Ankenson
Vice-Pres. Branden Church

Secretary  Dan Blake

Treaure Cassie Madsen

Automated Manufacturing Technology

To learn and gain experience manufacturing a variety of products.

Advisor Rob McDonald 792-2383
President Harley Wormgoor
Vice-Pres. Mitch Maxwell 
Sec/Treas. John Salesky / Kevin Hedden   

Business Students Organization

The purpose of the Business Student Organization (BSO) is to utilize business education through networking with business people in the community and organizing and participating in fund-raising events. BSO members meet every other week throughout the semester. Activities include participation in the annual Leadership Conference, the Warrior Golf Classic, and a variety of organization directed fundraising ventures which allow students to apply their education in practical application.

Advisor Debbie Goodwin 792-2587
Advisor Jill Thomas-Jorgenson 792-2910
President Samantha Bricker
Vice-Pres. Cooper Haney
Sec./Treas Cody Hoerner

Business Students Org.- LCSC-CDA


Advisor Rachel Kaitz 208.292.1290
President Jackson Willingham
Vice-Pres. Michael Webster 
Secretary Sarah Berry
Treasurer Sarah Berry


To bring together students, and to promote understanding and ability in the game of chess. 

Advisor Matt Johnston 792.2410


President Elizabeth Dickinson
Vice-Pres Jesse McDonald 

Secr/Trea. Ryan Greenberg / Elijah Phipps /

Collision Repair

To give LCSC students who are studying or have studied Collision Repair an opportunity to use and improve their skills and to learn more about the automobile repair industry.

Advisor Clarence Griffin  208.792.2468
Advisor Luke Thomas  208.792.2566
President Tyler Hall    
Vice-President William Jennings    
Secretary/Treasurer Sean Spencer    

Council for Exceptional Children

Active members can attend local trainings, the state conference held in Sun Valley Idaho every October, The Tools for Life Secondary Transition and Technology Fair in Idaho, and/or the National Council for Exceptional Children Conference. Fund raising and community service opportunities will be available. Plus: You will receive CEC Publications. Have access to books, media, training, advocacy and support, online job board, peer networking, leadership opportunities, discounts on educational resources, career development, and up-to-the-minute access via the web.

Advisor Michelle Doty 208.792.2265  mddoty@lcsc,edu
President Kristin Daly    
Vice-Pres. Katelyn Anderton
Sec/Trea. Gwyneth Hiemstra


We are a caring community of people passionate about knowing Jesus and connecting others to Him.

Advisor Christa Davis 792.2277
President Andrew Walden
Vice-Pres Kayla Monroe    
Sec/Trear Giovanna Italiana    

Diesel Power Technology

To develop leadership abilities through participation in educational, vocational, civic, recreational, and social activities. To foster a deep respect for the dignity of work. To help students attain a purpose in life.

Advisor Bill Frei  792-2472
Advisor Jay Kimble  792.2306
President Thomas Schwartz
Vice-Pres Kody Triplett
Sec/Treas Kade Best / Dillion Hungerford /

Digital Warriors

Website:           Constitution:  


Advisor Teresa Nash  208.792.2532
President Jeff DeBoer
Vice-President Gordon Cox

Secretary Mike Kaminiski
Treasurer Tony Cole


It is the LCSC Engineering Club's mission to reinstate the Associate's degree engineering program here at Lewis-Clark State College. We also promote the field of engineering around the community in hopes of generating interest and boosting future enrollment.

Advisor John Morrison 792-2344
Advisor Jenni Light 729-2796
President Rachel Sila
Vice-Pres Luis Correa
Sec./Trea. Elizabeth Dickenson


Student volunteers give campus tours to prospective students and help with visitation events as guides, mentors, and assistants.

Advisor Rachel Peasley 792-2339
President Rebecca Fortin
Vice-Pres Gwyneth Hiemstra
Sec/Treas Myriam Pacheco / Ann Roberston /

Fitness & Nutrition


Advisor  Tim Cole 208.791.1865 
President Christopher Olive 
Vice-Pres. Mitchel Kroner 
Sec/Trea. Dillion Hill

Gaming Club


Advisor  Seth Long 208.792.2012
President  Jesse McDonald 
Vice-President  Alax Romero
Secretary John McGarry
Treasurer  Matt Vaccaro

Gender-Sexuality Alliance

The purpose of the Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is to give LCSC students who are gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, or questioning their sexual and/or gender identity a place where they can feel safe, and to educate fellow students, staff, and the community about issues affecting LGBTQ individuals. The GSA brings students of different sexual and gender identities together to meet one another, socialize, and discuss issues of concern to them. The GSA holds regular meetings, social events for students, faculty, and staff, and educational events for the LCSC student body. 

Advisor Amy Canfield 792-2362
Advisor Amy Bond 792-2291
President Victoria Ankney
Vice-Pres. John Moore
Sec/Trea.  Ariel Ohman 



Advisor Keegan Schmidt 208.792.2283
President Christine Talbott
Vice-Pres. Brittany Hosley
Sec/Trea. Lisa Sanphillippo 


To serve those students registered as Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Appliance students. 

Advisor J.R. Kok 792-2356
President Gabriel Lybrand
Vice-Pres. Brock Grams
Sec/Trea. Logan Moore

Idaho Literacy Council for Young Professionals


Advisor Meleah McCulley 208.792.891
Advisor Julie Magelky 208.596.6803
President Elizabeth Quinley
Vice-President  Evye Allen 
Secretary/Treasurer Krystle Stick/  Jessica Brown-Provost

Idaho Student Nurses Assoc.

To benefit the nursing profession, organization members, and the community we are a part of. 

Advisor BradLee E. Goeckner 792.2459
President Carly Blair
Vice-President Kristen Butler
Secretary Danae Keuter
Treasure Cecilia Keogh


Advisor  Nancy Johnston 208.792.2233
President  Gabriella Blazzard 
Vice-President Troy Hanes 
Secretary/Treasurer Makala Peterson



A place for International Students and American Students to intereact with one another and learn about each other. We plan cultural event such as Food and Culture Night and Film Festivals. 


Advisor Lesley Perez 208.792.2329

President Mei Ishida
Vice-Pres Han Rong Yue 

Secr/Trea. Elise Lindig/ Lynn Kyuree Lee

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

The purpose of the club is to ...





Justice Studies

The purpose of the Justice Studies Club is to: 1) promote criminal justice interest and awareness; 2) examine issues of social justice and fairness within criminal justice; 3) enhance educational opportunities of the department and to provide further enrichment outside the classroom; 4) foster collaboration between the college, community, and criminal justice organizations. 

Advisor Angela Wartel 792-2851
President Makala Peterson
Vice-President Madeline Hill
Secretary/Treasurer Douglas Kenney

Kappa Delta Pi


Advisor  Ken Wareham 208.792.2625 
President Hali Niemi 
Vice-President Michelle Conn 
Secretary/Treasurer Laura Mills 

Lambda Theta Alpha

We are Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. A sorority based on Unity, Love, and Respect. We are a sorority that strives to empower women through academics,community service, workshops, and leadership. 

Advisor Sam White Temple 208.792.2744
Advisor Bob Sobotta 208.792.2812
President Marissa Jenks-Barajas
Vice-Presi. Jenny Zamora
Sec./Trea. Naomie Julugbeh / Sandra Zamora /

Latter-day Saint Student Association

The Latter-day Saint Student Association (LDSSA) helps students attending college have a balanced secular and spiritual educational experience during their years of formal education. Furthermore, the club encourages its members to become an influence for good by participating in activities and service on campus and in the community. Students of all backgrounds and faiths are welcome to become members and participate in all club activities. 

Advisor Martin Gibbs  208.792.2090 
President Brady McKay 
Vice-President Sarrah Eberley 
Secretary/Treasurer Erika Pishl

Leadership Exploration and Development



Advisor  Jim Bowen  208.792.2893
President  Conner Phillips
Vice-President  Emily Hunt
Secretary/Treasurer  Conor Day/ Daniel Mager

Life Lab


Advisor Rachel Jameton 792-2268
Advisor Rebecca Fromdahl
President Kayla Glaser
Vice-President Janice Aylward
Secretary/Treasurer Ashley Hays/ Henry Magdun 

Math Club

Advisor Brian Dietel 208-792-2009
President Jesse McDonald
Vice-President Elizabeth Dickinson
Secretary/Treasurer Austin Jenkins

Movement and Sport Science

Advisor Christa Davis 208.882.2277
President Aislynn Robertson
Vice-Pres Bella Hernandez    
Sec./Trea. Shyla Flavel    

Music Activities Club

Advisor Sarah J. Graham
President Brandon Latimer
Vice-President Drake VanBuskirk
Secretary/Treasurer Seth Storrs

Nat. Society of Leadership & Success

Advisor Brandon Lytle 208.792.2804
Advisor Kevin Reynolds 208.792.2313
President Haylee Andrews
Vice-Pres. Colton Smith
Sec/Trea. Semeia Pfeifer/ Katie Tyree

Native American


Advisor Bob Sobotta 792-2858
Advisor Sam Whitetemple 792-2744
President Wetalu Rodriquez
Vice-President Donovan Frank
Secretary/Treasurer Andrianna Albert    

Organizacion de Estudiantes Latino Americanos

OELA's purpose is to encourage higher education within the Hispanic culture. To encourage Hispanic studies and to perpetuate the Hispanic culture, all directed for community enrichment.

Advisor Bob Sobotta 792-2812
Advisor Sam White Temple 792-2744
President Sandra Zamora
Vice-President Jenny Zamora
Secretary/Treasurer Janeth Marquez / Maria Castro /

Peer Mentor


Advisor  Tate Smith  208.792.2323 
President Aislynn Robertson 
Vice-President Dusty Funderburg 
Secretary/Treasurer McKayla Austin/ Sara Meeks

Phi Alpha - Social Work Honor Society

To provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals. Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have attained excellence on scholarship and achievement in social work.

Advisor Darci Graves 792-2748
President Leana DeMasters
Vice-President Chris Smith

Amanda Hindberg



Phi Alpha - LCSC-CdA

Phi Alpha - CDA

Phi Alpha is a national honor society for social work students. The purposes of Phi Alpha Honor Society are to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals. Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.

Advisor Marte White 208.292.2681
President Megan Ownbey
Vice-President Chauntae Quintana
Secretary Allie Rice
Treasurer Karissa Thueson


The purpose of the club is to promote Political Science interest and awareness, along with enhancing educational opportunities both at the undergraduate level and assisting anyone wishing to transition into further education or into an employment position.

Advisor Leif Hoffmann 208-792-2818
President Elijah Phipps
Vice-President Ben Gerthung


Loren Beauchamp



To give Lewis-Clark State College students, who are interested in a major or minor in Psychology, an opportunity to use and improve their knowledge of Psychology. 

Advisor Teri Rust  208-792-2276
Advisor Rachelle Genthos  208-792-2631
President Casey Bosse / Ryan Greenberg /

Vice-President Camilla Forbin
Secretary/Treasurer Justus Clark/ Molly Stephenson

Radio Station, KLCZ

Website:           Constitution:   

Advisor Tate Smith  208.792.2208
President Brycen Prokasky
Vice-President AJ Baron
Secretary/Treasurer  Clark Bruno


This is a Religious/Spiritual organization associated with River City Church in Lewiston


Advisor Rob McDonald 208.792.2383
President Stephen Berry    
Vice-President Autumn Cole    
Secretary/Treasurer Cameron St. James      

Rodeo & Equine Club


Advisor Stacy Shephard  208.792.2256
President  Kyle Peterson
Vice-President  McKayla Austin
Secretary/Treasurer  Lauren Garrison / Taylor Roy

The Rose Club

The purpose of the club is to 





Silverthorne Theatre Group

To use theatre to connect people on campus and around the LC valley through productions, workshops, and community activities, and to create opportunities for LCSC students to become involved in theatre and create, learn, and grow within the theatre arts environment. 

Advisor Nancy Lee-Painter 208.792.2345
President Ruby Walden
Vice-President Damon Preuninger
Secretary/Treasurer Cedar Miller


Website:           Constitution:  


Social Workers

Advisor Lauren Nichols 208.792.2261
President Chris Smith
Vice-President Amanda Hindberg
Secretary/Treasurer Andrew Bodden

Social Workers - LCSC-CdA


Advisor Tiffany Renner 208-292-2682
President Krystina Field
Vice-President Susan Braniff
Secretary/Treasurer Jennifer Hoffman / Colin Gildea /


The Spanish Club promotes the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries, as it organizes academic, social, and service activities on campus and within the local community. 

Advisor Jullie Bezzerides  208-792-2054
Advisor Ian Tippets  208-792-2734
President Thomas Venere
Vice-President Gloria Palencia
Secretary/Treasurer Begona Andres / Austin Jenkins / 

Speech & Debate

The Speech & Debate Team provides students the opportunity to: (1) Engage in public discourse about contemporary issues of interest, of prominence, or importance; (2) Enhance their education through honing research, critical thinking, organizational, argumentative, or public speaking skills; (3) Further their education through activities on campus (public debates, debate watches, workshops, etc.); (4) Engage in competition with other colleges and universities in the region or throughout the United States. WebLink: 

Advisor Marcy Halpin 792-2905
President AJ Baron
Vice-President Madeline Hill
Secretary/Treasurer Elijah Phipps / Makala Peterson /

Sport Leadership Club


Advisor Susan Steele

Advisor Pete Van Mullem  208.792.2467 
President Lacy Goodson 
Vice-President Rory Niewenhous 
Secretary/Treasurer Don Frank 

Student Athlete Advisory Council

Website:           Constitution:  

Advisor  Scott McClure  208.792.2863
President  Kelci Parker
Vice-President  Emily Adams
Secretary/Treasurer  Maddi Taylor

Student Education Association

Advisor  Ken Wareham 208.792.2625 
President Michelle Conn
Vice-President Lanie Beckstead
Secretary/Treasurer Caitlyn Graves/ Dave Massaro

Talking River Review


Advisor Kevin Goodan 208-792-2189
President Billye Dotson
Vice-President Clayne Zollinger
Secretary/Treasurer Allie Powell

The Pathfinder - college newspaper


Advisor Brian Beesley    
President Hannah Mitchell 792-2470
Vice-President Erin Steffens 792-2470
Secretary/Treasurer BSO 792-2470

TRiO Warrior

The purpose of the TRiO Warrior Club is to extend the goals and “helping hand” philosophy of the Student Support Services (TRiO) program at LCSC. The TRiO program supports first generation, low-income and/or disabled students with academic support such as tutoring, test accommodations, learning communities, and leadership experiences. The TRiO Warrior Club would like to provide additional opportunities for students to gain leadership experience, perform community service, promote academic and personal success, enhance student well-being, and raise scholarship funds for TRiO Warrior Club members. 

Advisor Traci Noyes 792-2300
President Shelbie Ruark 
Vice-President Dusty Funderburg
Secretary/Treasurer Taylor Roy

Veterans' Network



Advisor Stephen Tamm 208.792.2473
President Zach Tibbits
Vice-President Mike Haynes
Secretary/Treasurer Jason Taylor / John Gartung / 

Warriors for Christ

Advisor  Nancy Johnston 208.792.2233 
President  Jena Renfro 
Vice-President  Seth Storrs 
Secretary/Treasurer Elijah Phipps

Warrior Entertainment Board


Advisor Brandon Lytle 792-2804
President Eric Coffelt / Zach Dreier 792.2069
Vice-President  Kerrin McMillen 792.2069
Secretary/Treasurer Kaitie Blalock 792.2069

Warrior History Club


Advisor Amanda Van Lanen 208.792.2684 
President Elijah Phipps 
Vice-President Michael Anderson    
Secretary/Treasurer Corina Larson/ Camper Ziegler    

Warrior Softball

The purpose of this club is to develop leadership skills and teamwork through a competitive fast pitch program. Objectives 1.Gain the proper tools and knowledge to be successful. 2.Establish personal goals and as a team help each other achieve those goals. 3.Be competitive against all opponents. 4.Become a sanctioned NAIA softball team 

Advisor Becky Snider  208.792.2147
Head Coach  


President Danielle Collinson
Vice-President Tessa Renton
Secretary/Treasurer Hailey Connerley / Shay Brown    

Warrior Zone


Advisor  Allison Beck 208.792.2275 
Advisor  Scott McClure 208.792.2863 
President  Lacy Goodson 
Vice-President Mika Rives 
Secretary/Treasurer Emily Garman 

Wildlife Society

Advisor Matthew Brady 208.792.2828
President Ashley Hays
Vice-President Reanna Martinez
Secretary/Treasurer Hayley Cavert/ Reanna Martinez

Women In Lasting Leadership (WILL)

Advisor Dr. Amy Canfield 208.792.2362
President Corina Larsen 
Vice-President Camper Ziegler
Secretary/Treasurer Emma Schneider/ Meghan Castle 

Young Democrats

Advisor  Amanda Gill 208.224.2563 
President  Wyatt Coil 
Vice-President  Patrick Donohue 
Secretary/Treasurer  Ariel Bencomo

Policies and forms