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Clubs and Organizations A fun way to get involved at LCSC

To enrich the college experience, Lewis-Clark State College has a number of clubs and organizations that students can become involved with. Through this experience students have a chance to explore opportunities, learn and practice skills, have an impact on their environment, and gain a greater sense of belonging to the campus community.

LCSC offers dozens of student clubs and organizations including: student government, the school newspaper (The Pathfinder), the school radio station (KLCZ), honors groups, special interests groups, and intercultural groups. A complete list is below At LCSC it is easy to start a new club or student group.

To inquire about the use of office space for a club or organization, please visit the Student Union Building Help Desk located near the upstairs east entrance to the SUB. 

Student Activities
Student Union Building, Rm 208 Contact (208) 792-2804(208) 792-2082 (fax) Mailing 500 8th Ave. Lewiston, Idaho, 83501 Hours Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

 Student Clubs and Organizations at LCSC


The Accounting Club assists students interested in the accounting profession by helping them to network and gain practical knowledge on the subject.

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Advisor Karen Andrews 792-2352
President Sylvia Isaac



Active Minds

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Advisor Eleanor P. Downey 792-2866
President LaVonna Snyder (Lonnie) 746-7419
Vice-Pres Stacey Huff 305-284
Sec./Treas Ashley Evertson 315-4452


The primary purposes of AHS are to provide 1) recognition to each member for his/her academic excellence and achievements; 2) members, and the College, with the opportunity to render meaningful campus and community service; and 3) enrichment opportunities for the members.

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Advisor Debra Lybyer 792-2313
Advisor Marlowe Daly-Galeano 792-2529
President Chelsee Brown 792-2718
Vice-President Carmen Koepl 792-2718
Secretary/Treasurer Kayla McNeel 792-2718


The purposes of this club are: 1. To promote anthropological interests and awareness; 2. To enhance educational opportunities of the department and provide further enrichment outside the classroom; 3. To publicly recognize student excellence in anthropology; 4. To foster ties between the college and community, as well as other anthropological organizations and departments.

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Advisor Kerensa Allison 792-2348
Advisor Dori Foster 792-2866
President Tyler J. Biggers 750-5497
Vice-Pres. Samantha Gump

Allysa Hall
Crystn Guenthner


Associated Students of Lewis-Clark State College

Statement of Purpose ASLCSC is a collection of appointed and elected students that work together as a student government to insure that you, the student, have full access to a quality education experience, we do this by being your voice to the schools directors. We are here to help the students make the school better suit themselves and make LCSC the best place to go to school and a more enjoyable experience. Preamble We the students of Lewis-Clark State College, in the belief that students have the right and duty to play a significant role in guiding their college, do hereby establish the ASLCSC Constitution to facilitate the following: the articulation of student opinions and interests both in governance of the college and to the community; the encouragement of the greatest level of cooperation and communication between students and their organizations; the assurance of full student access to quality education; the provision for programs and services to benefit students; and the encouragement of the highest level of excellence in education.

Website:  Associated Students of Lewis-Clark State College         Constitution:  View File

Advisor Brandon Lytle 792-2804
President Megan Weir 792-2522
Vice-Pres. Emma Tichacek Clark 792-2521
Sec/Treas. Tim Jackson

Auto Mechanics

Promote good fellowship and better lines of communication between students and the college Administration. Provide an organized outlet for intramural activities in the form of sponsorship. Assist students with finding employment upon graduation. To sponsor specialty education, school field trips which cover areas of interest to automotive students and to provide a link between automotive students and the Skills USA organization.

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Advisor Mike Hill 792-2302
Advisor Stan Wilson 792-2303
President Stan Schilling 792-2302
Vice-Pres. Travis Armstrong 792-2302
Sec/Treas. Skyler Badertscher 792-2302

Automated Manufacturing Technology

To learn and gain experience manufacturing a variety of products.

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Advisor Rob McDonald 792-2383
President James Nielsen 509-592-6153  
Vice-Pres. Brandon Beeson 937-657-0306  
Sec/Treas. Paul Kelley 509-780-1623

Business Students Org.

The purpose of the Business Student Organization (BSO) is to utilize business education through networking with business people in the community and organizing and participating in fund-raising events. BSO members meet every other week throughout the semester. Activities include participation in the annual Leadership Conference, the Warrior Golf Classic, and a variety of organization directed fundraising ventures which allow students to apply their education in practical application.

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Advisor Debbie Goodwin 792-2587
Advisor Pete Van Mullem 792-2467
President Macaela Skinner 792-2402
Vice-Pres. Sean Cumpton 792-2402
Sec./Treas Andrew Gabica 792-2402

Campus Real Life

The purpose of Campus Real Life is to develop meaningful relationships while growing in Christ. Join us every Tuesday at 7pm in the SUB 225 for snacks and fellowship as we take a closer look into God's word.

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Advisor Deborah Kolstad
President Bethany Johnson
Vice-Pres. Jack Carpenter
Sec/Treas Keaton Trom

Collision Repair

To give LCSC students who are studying or have studied Collision Repair an opportunity to use and improve their skills and to learn more about the automobile repair industry.

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Advisor Clarence Griffin
President Jesse Teal 208-791-8552
Vice-Pres. Braden Erickson 509-243-7653
Secy/Treas Cassie Martin 208 669 0135

Computer Science

To give LCSC students who have studied and who are studying computer science a chance to use and improve their skills in programming, the study of computer science and to learn more about computer science in general. Additionally, our club intends to increase awareness and build support for the computer science program at Lewis-Clark State College. We will do this by holding events, visiting area high schools (when occasion permits) and encouraging others to join our program.

Website:           Constitution:  

Advisor Nina Peterson 792-2341
Advisor Daniel Conte de Leon 792-2384
President Roger Armitage
Vice-Pres. Kevin Karel
Sec/Treas Doug Harvey-Marose


We are a caring community of people passionate about knowing Jesus and connecting others to Him.

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Advisor Dr. Carol Nelson 792-2285
Advisor Joshua Lavigne 874.2644
President Luke Manifold 553-5987
Vice-Pres Jourdan McFarland 750-6919
Sec/Trear Kimberly Meyer 935-8115

Diesel Power Technology

To develop leadership abilities through participation in educational, vocational, civic, recreational, and social activities. To foster a deep respect for the dignity of work. To help students attain a purpose in life.

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Advisor Bill Frei
Advisor Jay Kimble
President Justin Brown
Vice-Pres Scott Jensen    
Sec/Treas Kramer Poffenberger/Dirk Whitmore


It is the LCSC Engineering Club's mission to reinstate the Associate's degree engineering program here at Lewis-Clark State College. We also promote the field of engineering around the community in hopes of generating interest and boosting future enrollment.

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Advisor Dr. Jenni Light 792-2796
Advisor John Morrison 792-2344
President Larry Schwab
Vice-Pres. Elizabeth Dickinson    
Sec/Trea. Geoffrey VonBargen

Exceptional Children

Active members can attend local trainings, the state conference held in Sun Valley Idaho every October, The Tools for Life Secondary Transition and Technology Fair in Idaho, and/or the National Council for Exceptional Children Conference. Fund raising and community service opportunities will be available. Plus: You will receive CEC Publications. Have access to books, media, training, advocacy and support, online job board, peer networking, leadership opportunities, discounts on educational resources, career development, and up-to-the-minute access via the web.

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Advisor Dr. Roddran Grimes 792-2263
Advisor Dr. Michelle Doty 792-2265
President Ella Dyer
Vice-Pres Taylor Heitman   tjheitman@lcmail.lcsc.ed
Sec/Treas Rachel Wemhoff


Student volunteers give campus tours to prospective students and help with visitation events as guides, mentors, and assistants.

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Advisor Rachel Peasley 792-2339
President Megan Weir
Vice-Pres Arianne Hartley
Sec/Treas Haley Lindgren

Gender-Sexuality Alliance

The purpose of the Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is to give LCSC students who are gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, or questioning their sexual and/or gender identity a place where they can feel safe, and to educate fellow students, staff, and the community about issues affecting LGBTQ individuals. The GSA brings students of different sexual and gender identities together to meet one another, socialize, and discuss issues of concern to them. The GSA holds regular meetings, social events for students, faculty, and staff, and educational events for the LCSC student body.

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Advisor Laura Earles 792-2340
Advisor Amy Canfield 792-2362
President Michelle Tiecke 509-780-2289
Vice-Pres. Cambria Sullivan 936-332--0855
Sec/Trea. Brittany Howell 208-553-8762


Website:           Constitution:  View File

Advisor Keegan Schmidt 792-2283
President Randy Knight
Vice-Pres. Gates Walker
Sec/Trea. Jessica Knight

Green Team

Website:           Constitution:  

Advisor Elizabeth Martin 792-2412
Advisor Jeanette Gara-Betzold 792-2179
President Tina Stevenson 503-9038
Vice-President Lilly Ragan-Public Relations 869-9330


To serve those students registered as Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Appliance students.

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Advisor Mark Smith 792-2356
President Matthew Munch
Vice-Pres. Kevin Mills
Sec/Trea. Chad Sullivan

Idaho Student Nurses Assoc.

To benefit the nursing profession, organization members, and the community we are a part of.

Website:           Constitution:  

Advisor Nicole Engledow 792-2416
Advisor Kristin Smith 792-2159
President Jerry L. Schutz 509-336-9568
Vice-President Heather Leonard
Sec/Treas Jessica Daugharty Sterner

Information Systems

To give LCSC students who have studied and who are studying Information Systems Analysis a chance to use and improve their skills and to learn more about Information Systems Analysis in general.

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Advisor David McCullough 792-2817
President Steven Hanatach
Vice-Pres Larsen Thorpe
Secr/Trea. Skyler Christiansen /Darren Bnefield


A place for International Students and American Students to intereact with one another and learn about each other. We plan cultural event such as Food and Culture Night and Film Festivals.

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Advisor Akoss Schuppius 792-2192
Advisor Carol Martin 792-2877
President Djeneba Dezomube 305-2672
Vice-Pres Sarah Garrison 305-1890
Secretary  Sarah Rogers   553-3428
Treasurer    Khalida Ahzar      553-4373  

Justice Studies

The purpose of the Justice Studies Club is to: 1) promote criminal justice interest and awareness; 2) examine issues of social justice and fairness within criminal justice; 3) enhance educational opportunities of the department and to provide further enrichment outside the classroom; 4) foster collaboration between the college, community, and criminal justice organizations.

Website:           Constitution:  

Advisor Angela Wartel 792-2851
President Kasey Hough 509-295-1985
Vice-President Conner Hammond 791-3210
Secretary/Treasurer Renae Pasta / Joseph Carter


Website:           Constitution:  View File

Advisor LeeAnn Wiggin 792-2346
Advisor Jessica Savage 729-2508
President Darby Browning
Vice-Pres Janci Spoo
Sec./Trea. Westin Crenshaw

Lambda Theta Alpha

We are Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. A sorority based on Unity, Love, and Respect. We are a sorority that strives to empower women through academics,community service, workshops, and leadership.

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Advisor Sam White Temple 792-2744
Advisor Bob Sobotta 792-2812
President Silvia Hurtado 369-6705
Vice-Presi. Lucia Vega 602-1579
Sec./Trea. Silvia Hurtado 369-6705

Latter-day Saint Student Assoc.

The Latter-day Saint Student Association (LDSSA) helps students attending college have a balanced secular and spiritual educational experience during their years of formal education. Furthermore, the club encourages its members to become an influence for good by participating in activities and service on campus and in the community. Students of all backgrounds and faiths are welcome to become members and participate in all club activities.

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Advisor Martin Gibbs 792-2090
Advisor Ian Tippets 792-2734
President John Grow
Vice-Pres. Heidi Hughes
Sec./Trea. Casetin Lybbert


Graphic Design Club

Website:           Constitution:  

Advisor Brian Kolstad 792-2365
President Matt Crowley
Vice-Pres. Sam Coulter
Sec/Trea. Katie Chaffins


Math Club

Website:           Constitution:  

Advisor Brian Dietel    
President Darrin Neiman

Nat. Society of Leadership & Success

Website:           Constitution:  

Advisor Brandon Lytle 792-2804
President Kevin Karel
Vice-President Moriah Hale

Native American

Website:           Constitution:  View File

Advisor Bob Sobotta 792-2858
Advisor Sam Whitetemple 792-2744
President Ethan Whitetemple 208-791-3279
Vice-President Russell George 208-553-6084
Secretary/Treasurer Victoria Mitchell 208-816-6971

Organizacion de Estudiantes Latino Americanos

OELA's purpose is to encourage higher education within the Hispanic culture. To encourage Hispanic studies and to perpetuate the Hispanic culture, all directed for community enrichment.

Website:           Constitution:  View File

Advisor Bob Sobotta 792-2812
Advisor Sam White Temple 792-2744
President Lucia Vega
Vice-President Genoveva Galarza
Secretary/Treasurer Martha Araujo

Phi Alpha - Social Work Honor Society

To provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals. Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have attained excellence on scholarship and achievement in social work.

Website:           Constitution:  View File

Advisor Dori Foster MSW 792-2478
Advisor Chelsea Long 792-2866
President Michael Lape
Vice-President Emily Estrada
Secretary/Treasurer Randy Shadden/ Amanda Hickle

Phi Alpha - LCSC-CdA

Phi Alpha - CDA

Phi Alpha is a national honor society for social work students. The purposes of Phi Alpha Honor Society are to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals. Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.

Website:           Constitution:  View File

Advisor Kateri Ray 208-292-2682
President Chris Green


The purpose of the club is to promote Political Science interest and awareness, along with enhancing educational opportunities both at the undergraduate level and assisting anyone wishing to transition into further education or into an employment position.

Website:           Constitution:  View File

Advisor Leif Hoffmann 208-792-2818
President Leticia Scott
Vice-President Heidi Hughes



Isabel Landkammer

 Devon Holland  


To give Lewis-Clark State College students, who are interested in a major or minor in Psychology, an opportunity to use and improve their knowledge of Psychology.

Website:           Constitution:  View File

Advisor Teri Rust
Advisor Leanne Parker
President Lauren Newbry 758 8794
Vice-President Taylor Tweedy   tgtweedy@lcmail.lcsc.ed
Secretary/Treasurer Laurel Nunez & Kalin Amende

Radio Station - KLCZ

Website:           Constitution:  

Advisor Tate Smith    
President Nic Ford 792-2722
Vice-President Douglas Cruthirds 792-2722
Secretary/Treasurer Spencer Burley 792-2722

Residence Hall

To help all students that live on campus.

Website:           Constitution:  

Advisor Debbie Kolstad 208-792-2053
President Ryan Grether
Vice-President Brittney Yelli
Secretary/Treasurer Angela Carpenter

Shakespeare Society

To provide students opportunities to explore and engage the work of William Shakespeare in literary, dramatic, and historical contexts, thus exposing the impact of Shakespeare's work and the timeless themes within on culture, society, and history.

Website:           Constitution:  

Advisor Peter Remien 792-2469
President Evva Koyle 431-5687
Vice-President Emily Akin (509)330-6293
Secretary/Treasurer Kristen Ahrens 451-0521


The Spanish Club promotes the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries, as it organizes academic, social, and service activities on campus and within the local community.

Website:           Constitution:  View File

Advisor Ian R. Tippets 792-2374
Advisor Julie Bezzerides 792-2054
President Michael Douglas
Vice-President Casetin

Speech & Debate

The Speech & Debate Team provides students the opportunity to: (1) Engage in public discourse about contemporary issues of interest, of prominence, or importance; (2) Enhance their education through honing research, critical thinking, organizational, argumentative, or public speaking skills; (3) Further their education through activities on campus (public debates, debate watches, workshops, etc.); (4) Engage in competition with other colleges and universities in the region or throughout the United States. WebLink:

Website:           Constitution:  View File

Advisor Marcy Halpin 792-2905
President Heidi Hughes
Vice-President AJ Baron
Secretary/Treasurer Jin Choi

Social Workers

Advisor Dori Foster 792 - 2478
President Emily Estrada 413-1540
Vice-President Micheal Lape 582-2883
Secretary/Treasurer Randy Shadden/ Amanda Hickle 627-3589 / 791-1289

Social Workers - LCSC-CdA

Website:           Constitution:  

Advisor Chris Ahlman 292-2681
President Melissa Estrada
Vice-President Dannielle Dunton
Secretary/Treasurer Melodie Phillips/Jenny Pitts

Talking River

Website:           Constitution:  View File

Advisor Kevin Goodan 792-2716
President Evva Koyle 431-5687
Vice-President Samantha Chandler 553-9341
Secretary/Treasurer Brooke Heasley 791-3643

Silverthorne Theatre Group

To use theatre to connect people on campus and around the LC valley through productions, workshops, and community activities, and to create opportunities for LCSC students to become involved in theatre and create, learn, and grow within the theatre arts environment.

Website:           Constitution:  View File

Advisor Nancy Lee-Painter 792-2345
President Emily Akin 330-6293
Vice-President Carmen Koepl 827-6318
Secretary/Treasurer Justin Provost 254-1414

The Pathfinder - college newspaper

Website:           Constitution:  View File

Advisor Bryce Kammers    
President Lindsey Keatts 792-2470
Vice-President Dallas Callahan 792-2470
Secretary/Treasurer Lindsay Cutsforth 792-2470

TRiO Warrior

The purpose of the TRiO Warrior Club is to extend the goals and “helping hand” philosophy of the Student Support Services (TRiO) program at LCSC. The TRiO program supports first generation, low-income and/or disabled students with academic support such as tutoring, test accommodations, learning communities, and leadership experiences. The TRiO Warrior Club would like to provide additional opportunities for students to gain leadership experience, perform community service, promote academic and personal success, enhance student well-being, and raise scholarship funds for TRiO Warrior Club members.

Website:           Constitution:  View File

Advisor Traci Noyes 792-2300
President Christina Stevenson
Vice-President Scott Morrison
Secretary/Treasurer Lisa Stevenson


The Veteran’s Club is formed for the purpose of creating a positive and encouraging environment for all students through social events that promote networking opportunities within and beyond Lewis-Clark State College

Website:           Constitution:  View File

Advisor Courtney Robinson 792-2224
President Brody Quigley
Vice-President Colton Clark
Secretary/Treasurer Darrell Wagner

Warrior Entertainment Board

Website:  Warrior Entertainment Board         Constitution:  

Advisor Brandon Lytle 792-2804
President Andrew Burgess 792.2069
Vice-President Duncan Christman 792.2069
Secretary/Treasurer Ryan Rehberg 792.2069

Warrior Softball

The purpose of this club is to develop leadership skills and teamwork through a competitive fast pitch program. Objectives 1.Gain the proper tools and knowledge to be successful. 2.Establish personal goals and as a team help each other achieve those goals. 3.Be competitive against all opponents. 4.Become a sanctioned NAIA softball team

Website:           Constitution:  View File

Advisor Rebecca Snyder (792-2147
President Kenzee Burke 254-3213
Vice-President Gisela Soto 965-4638
Secretary/Treasurer Cheyane Nelson 552-3412

Warrior Ultimate Frisbee

To increase school and community activity through competitive Ultimate Frisbee.

Website:           Constitution:  

Advisor Alex Bezzerides 792-2134
President Shaun Cook 921-8683
Vice-President Emma Tichacek Clark 794-0209


To promote welding activities in the community

Website:           Constitution:  View File

Advisor Don Heath-Simpson 2420
President Marc Boswell    
Vice-President Cody Reitz    
Secretary/Treasurer Jake Schmidt


Policies and forms