Student Affairs

Goal 4 Leverage resources to maximize institutional strength and efficiency


  • Implement document imaging for the ADM-REG office. This would streamline processing, provide quicker access to student files, and would allow us to retain files in a more effective, environment-friendly and space-saving environment.  Objective 4A
  • Argos reporting tool – would allow our office to have quicker access to institutional data. Staff who spend most of their time writing on-the-fly reports will now be able to give individual access to data. The time-saving costs alone would be tremendous and would allow staff to dedicate their time to more individualized student support.  Objective 4ATwo female students at Bike Rack

International Programs

  • Improve the administrative procedures, data collection and recording tools, resource allocation and planning tools to facilitate projects 1-3  Objective 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E

Residence Life

  • Increase collaboration between campus departments and Residence Life for large events and scheduling. Also helping to increase the amount of co-sponsored events offered to students.  Objective 4B
  • Plan and schedule routine maintenance, repair, and replacement of older items with a 5-year plan to budget for the projects.  Objective 4C

Student Success Program

  • First Year Seminar Pilot Course - SD 192: SSP will support the development and deployment of a First Year Seminar course that will help students better identify and navigate LCSC resources which lead to student success, retention and degree completion. 

Tech Prep

  • Review Existing Articulations & Identify/Establish New Articulations: To maintain quality of existing articulation agreements and to establish new agreements which lead students to postsecondary program options. 


  • All grant activities are geared toward the grant objectives of increasing retention and graduation rates for TRiO students. The main activities of the TRiO project support the Lewis-Clark State College Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives through TRiO Warrior Club Scholarship Fundraisers.  Objective 4A, 4B, 4E
  • In addition to the regular activities of the TRIO Academic Services Student Support Services (SSS) grant, the following projects are slated for the 2013-14 grant cycle. Setting up a texting system for important deadlines for TRiO students.  Objective 4B
  • Revising TRiO courses and workshops. Evaluating for effectiveness and devising new ways to attract students/increase attendance.  Objective 4B
  • Reviewing “Intake” procedure for effectiveness.  Objective 4A, 4B
  • Revising schedules to accommodate a 3 to 4 week summer closure and lack of AmeriCorps lab coordinator position.  Objective 4A, 4B