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Academic Dishonesty cheating or plagiarism

Cheating or plagiarism in any form is unacceptable. The College functions to promote the cognitive and psychosocial development of all students. Therefore, all work submitted by a student must represent his/her own ideas, concepts and current understanding. Academic Dishonesty includes:

1. Cheating - intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, or study aids in any academic exercise. The term “academic exercise” includes all forms of work submitted for credit hours.

2. Fabrication - intentional and/or unauthorized falsification or invention of any information or the source of any information in an academic exercise.

3. Collusion facilitating academic dishonesty – intentionally or knowingly helping or attempting to help another to commit an act of Academic Dishonesty.

4. Plagiarism - the deliberate adoption or reproduction of ideas or words or statement of another person as one’s own without acknowledgment.

The sanctions imposed for a violation of this section of the Code are independent of, and in addition to, any adverse academic evaluation which results from the student’s conduct. The course instructor is responsible for academic evaluation of a student’s work and shall make that evaluation without regard to any disciplinary action which may or may not be taken against a student under the Student Code of Conduct.

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