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Alcoholic Beverages

A.        Illegal possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, liquor or other beverage which is controlled as an alcoholic beverage under Idaho law) is prohibited in college or college-owned, leased or operated facilities and on campus grounds.

B.        Alcoholic beverages may not be possessed or consumed under any circumstances in areas open to and most commonly used by the general public. Public areas include, but are not limited to, lounges, college union buildings, recreation rooms, conference rooms, athletic/student facilities and other public areas of college-owned buildings or grounds.  Students aged 21 and over may possess alcohol in their residence hall rooms subject to residence hall policies.

C.        Sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in College-owned, leased or operated facilities and on campus grounds.

D.        Guests and visitors shall observe these regulations while on campus or other College property. Non-compliance may subject a person to sanctions imposed by the College as well as to the provisions of local and state law. .

E.         For LCSC sponsored events which are open to the campus community and at which alcohol will be present, the sponsor will work with the Vice President for Student Affairs and the appropriate instructional dean to assure adherence to this policy. The following information will need to be provided to assure adherence:

(i).        Names and ages of individuals designated as bartenders or servers to check identification;

(ii).       Means to inform participants of applicable state and federal laws regarding alcohol consumption;

(iii).      Non-alcoholic beverages and food consumption; and

(iv).      Designated driver program

F.         No social event shall include any form of drinking contest in its activities or promotion. The Idaho law states that it is illegal to sell, serve or furnish beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages or intoxicating liquor to a person under 21 years of age. It is illegal for any person under 21 years of age to purchase or attempt to purchase, procure, possess, or consume any alcoholic or intoxicating liquor.

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