Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance Plan - SHIP Coverage

What is SHIP? 

SHIP is an insurance plan designed to protect you in case of a serious medical event.  SHIP provides coverage for everyday health issues and medication; however, it excludes dental or vision.  

SHIP is designed to work with on campus Student Health Services (SHS). All covered expenses at SHS are paid at 100% under SHIP, and the deductible is waived.  There is also Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) in  Idaho and out-of-state.

SHS understands how SHIP works and can provide personal assistance when working directly with AmeriBen, the insurance company, should any questions or issues arise.  If you have questions or concerns about material you have or have not received, please contact us promptly.  

For more details about the plan visit Ascension.

What is covered
100% for most services at Student Health Services Prescription contraceptives at 100% (no copay!)
Prescription drugs (after copay) Mental health care
Wellness exams, at 100% in-network Maternity (no separate deductible)  
Recommended immunizations at 100% Sterilization (for women only)