Student Health Services


Cost of Services

Office visit charges for new patients can run from $75 to $300 depending on the level of care needed at the time of visit.  Office visit charges for established patients can run from $25 to $210.  There are additional charges for outside services such as lab, X-Ray, physical therapy, immunizations, and pharmacy. SHS will submit patients' bills to their insurance companies.  If we are in-network with your plan, we will accept what your insurance company pays and only charge you for co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles.  If your insurance company does not cover a particular service, you may be liable for that portion of the bill also.  If we are out-of-network with your insurance company you may be responsible for the entire amount of the bill.

We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance company to verify what type of coverage you have in the State College area.

Before Your Visit

To expedite your visit at SHS, students are encouraged to provide us with their health insurance information ahead of time. Soon, we will have a secure, digital way for you to submit your information to us. Until then, current students may:

  • Bring their health insurance card to the Front Desk in the Student Health Center during our business hours to be entered into our system.

What to Do If Your Insurance Is Not Accepted

If you are seen here and your insurance is not accepted, out of network benefits--if you have them--will apply.


If you belong to an HMO plan, call your insurance company, even if it's from one of the companies listed below, to verify where your student can receive treatment. Some HMO plans will issue guest memberships.

Current List of Accepted Insurances

SHS is a participating provider with the following insurance companies:

  • Blue Cross of Idaho & affilliates
  • Regence & Blue Cross/Blue Shield affiliates

How Do I Pay My Bill?

Co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles will be due at time of service.  SHS accepts cash, checks, and most major credit cards.  After insurance is billed, the student will be responsible for the remainder of the bill.  Statements are sent out monthly, and are due within 30 days.  Payment arrangements can be made through SHS by calling 208-792-2251.  Please see Consent for Services for additional information regarding SHS billing practices.