Student Health Services

Class Excuses

Policy for Verification of Illness

Student Health Services (SHS) does not provide verification of illness forms for minor or routine illnesses or injuries.

SHS may provide verification of illness forms for significant prolonged illnesses or injuries resulting in absence from classes.

Routine Illness

A routine illness would be a minor illness or injury, such as colds, and flu-like or self-limited gastrointestinal illnesses.

For routine illness-related absences, students should correspond directly with the faculty as soon as possible regarding their situation, ideally before they miss a class, exam, or other evaluative activity.

Significant, Prolonged Illness

A significant, prolonged illness is a serious illness or injury lasting at least a week. Medical documentation is required from a SHS provider.

When appropriate, students may request the excuse during their SHS provider visit.  If a student wants a verification of illness from SHS and has received care from an outside provider for a significant, prolonged illness, they must provide appropriate documentation to Student Health Services.

Faculty Questions

If a faculty member has questions about a specific student, they can call the SHS office at (208) 792-2251. Due to patient confidentiality, SHS cannot release any information without the student’s consent.