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Frequently Asked Questions Students

How much will my appointment cost?

Office visit charges for new patients can run from $75 to $300 depending on the level of care needed at the time of visit.  Office visit charges for established patients can run from $25 to $210.  There are additional charges for outside services such as lab, X-Ray, physical therapy, immunizations, and pharmacy. SHS will submit patients' bills to their insurance companies.  If we are in-network with your plan, we will accept what your insurance company pays and only charge you for co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles.  If your insurance company does not cover a particular service, you may be liable for that portion of the bill also.  If we are out-of-network with your insurance company you may be responsible for the entire amount of the bill. For more information, see our Insurance Billing page.

We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance company to verify what type of coverage you have in this area.

Will SHS accept my insurance?

SHS accepts some insurances. See a complete list of accepted insurance providers on our Insurance Billing page. Please note that we will bill all insurances, so if you are seen here and your insurance is not accepted, out of network benefits, if you have them, will apply.

How do I make an appointment or talk to a nurse?

It's easy to do both!

You can make your appoinment by calling (208) 792-2251.

Can my parents access my medical records?

All medical records are held in strict confidence. Although this high degree of confidentiality may be a concern to parents seeking information, medical information is released only with the student's written consent, or by a court-ordered subpoena. Students using their parent's insurance may want to call their provider ahead of time to learn what will be listed on their Explanation of Benefits. For more information, see our Confidentialty page.

Will my parents find out why I was seen at SHS if I bill my visit to my student account?

On your SHS bill, types of services received are listed.  If you use your parent's health insurance, more specific information about your visit is included on your Explanation of Benefits. We recommend that you call your insurance company ahead of time to see what is listed.

If I think I might have a sexually transmitted infection (STI), where can I go for help?

If you have symptoms, call (208) 792-2251 to schedule a convenient time to meet with one of our providers. You'll be able to discuss your concerns, get an examination and have any lab tests (as recommended by the provider) done during your appointment. Your care is confidential.

How can I get started on birth control pills or get my prescription renewed?

A routine gynecological exam is no longer required prior to starting some hormonal birth control methods.  You can set up a provider visit for BC Consult and prescriptioin fills.  Depo provera shots are also administered with medication from your provider.

When is SHS open?

We are open Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.  Provider hours vary.

 Are there Doctors at SHS?

Student Health Services utilizes services from Nurse Practitioners.

  • Nurse practitioners:  A nurse practitioner (NP or CRNP) is a registered nurse (RN) who has advanced education and clinical training in a health care specialty area. Nurse practitioners obtain medical histories and perform physical examinations, diagnose and treat acute health problems such as infections and injuries, diagnose, treat, and monitor chronic diseases, order, perform, and interpret diagnostic studies such as lab work and x-rays, prescribe medications and other treatments, family planning services and promote positive health behaviors and self-care skills through education and counseling. (Source: American Academy of Nurse Practitioners). 

Where can I go for psychological services on campus?

The Student Counseling Center (SCC) is your on-campus source for psychological services.  Stop by Reid Centennial Hall Room 111 or call (208) 792-2211 to make an appointment.

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