Student Support Services (TRiO)

Student Support Services (TRIO) Classes and Workshops Engage in college success!

Student Support Services (TRIO) provides relevant and helpful instruction supporting your overall academic success in college. Classes are designed with the student in mind and are focused on the needs of  each individual student. All SSS (TRIO) students are expected to enroll in support classes that benefit each individual student the most.  Classes are free and must be taken in addition to 12 semester credits. Non-credit workshops are also available to help you with your skills


 SD 96 Applied Study Skills / Computer Basics

The purpose of this class is to teach students the basic computer skills required to be successful in college. By the end of the class, students will know how to use email, Warrrior Web functions, networks and browsers, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, PC and Mac operating systems, and databases. The classwork focuses on computer skills needed to research and write college-level papers, prepare classroom presentations and take online classes. (offered as needed, Spring and Fall)

Instructor: TBD

SD 96 Course Syllabus

SD 97 Applied Study Skills in Math

Provides study skill support in the area of basic mathematics. Course sections include support for Math 015, Math 025, Math 108, Math 130, and Math 157. Graded P/F only. (offered Spring and Fall)

Instructor: Charles Santy

SD 110 Applied Learning Strategies

Application of Learning Strategies is a 3 credit individualized course designed to provide students with an opportunity to become proficient in the application of various learning strategies in college course materials.  Students are assessed individually and directed to complete specific objectives based on the initial evaluation. Learning strategies will be explored and applied through individual and group activities.  (offered Spring and Fall)

Instructor: Traci Noyes, B.S.

SD 110 Course Syllabus

 SD 220 Introduction to Leadership

This leadership development course encourages students to discover and develop their own unique leadership abilities. The course is designed to facilitate personal growth and change, empowering students to become proactive in creating their future. During this course, students study leadership styles, historic world leaders, toxic leadership, followership, team-building, human relations, emotional intelligence, effective communication, organizational behavior, networking and business etiquette through lecture, multimedia and hands-on activity. (offered as needed during the Spring semester -- next class may be offered in Spring 2015)

Instructor: TBD

Fall  Workshops

 Ready, Set, Go to Graduate School

It is never to early to start thinking about getting a graduate degree. Speaker: 

Date:               TBD
Location:         TBD 

Create an Outstanding Resume

A recruiter spends an average of 11 seconds looking at the resume of a potential employee. A well polished, accurate, and error-free resume is the key to open the door to an interview. It is best practice to keep your resume up to date and ready to submit for potential jobs. In this workshop you will learn about resume types and current resume trends, including common stumbling blocks. Participants will learn how to enhance resumes with action verbs, customize resumes for specific positions and avoid unnessary jargon. Don’t wait until you graduate to update your resume. Speaker: 

Date:               TBD
Location:         TBD

College Success Workshop Series

Workshops will be offered during the semester to identify and build skills necessary to be successful in college.  Skills workshops may include study and test taking skills, time management and goal setting. Speaker:  

Date:               TBD
Location:         TBD

Financial Literacy-Understanding Healthcare in America

Attend this workshop if you want to know more about insurance and healthcare in the United States. Learn insurance terminology and how to evaluate your insurance and healthcare options. Speaker:  

Date:               TBD
Location:         TBD