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What Student Support Services (TRIO) offers how we meet academic needs

All Student Support Services (TRIO) students are assessed for need and services are offered based on individual needs. New SSS (TRIO) students take the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) and meet with all members of the staff, as a part of their "passport" experience. Recommendations for services are based on the data collected from assessment tools and interviews. SSS (TRIO) services and activities are offered over several years, supporting student success throughout the college experience.

Program Services Include:

Academic Tutoring

The SSS (TRIO) Learning Lab located in RCH 218 offers free tutoring in core subjects to SSS (TRIO) students. Tutors are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Tutors are friendly and knowledgeable - each tutor has met stringent requirements and has completed tutor training. Tutoring is available in most core subjects, as well as other classes. The lab is equipped with computers and printers for student use. Many students use the lab as a place for studying and connecting with other SSS (TRIO) students. A microwave and mini-fridge are available for student use and free coffee is kept fresh.

Learning Community

First-year students are encouraged to participate in the SSS (TRIO) Learning Community. New SSS (TRIO) students quickly get to know their peers by sharing similar class schedules, including the SD 110 class and similar core classes, thanks to seats reserved for SSS (TRIO) students in many of the core classes.

Career Development

SSS (TRIO) supports the college vision of connecting learning with life. The program offers career counseling and development services to help SSS (TRIO) students find those careers that interest them most and to plan for their chosen career. Assistance with creating resumes, writing cover letters and conducting a job search is available. Information and support in securing internships is also available upon request.

Graduate School Counseling

SSS (TRIO) students are generally high-performing students who have the potential to continue on to graduate school. The program offers graduate school counseling and support to students interested in pursuing graduate studies. If you are interested, start this conversation early with your SSS (TRIO) advisor.

Personal Counseling

SSS (TRIO) cares and listens to your concerns - SSS (TRIO) students are a part of the SSS (TRIO) family. Staff members are available to offer support when life happens and can refer you to on-campus and community resources when necessary.

LCSC Student Counseling Center

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Leadership Training

The SSS (TRIO) program provides students an opportunity to develop and refine their leadership skills. A leadership skills class is offered as needed every two years. Students can join the SSS (TRIO) Warrior Club, a student club & organization, which provides information on leadership opportunities available to SSS (TRIO) participants.

Outstanding SSS (TRIO) students are eligible to apply for the Keith Sherin Global Leaders' Semester-in-Washington D.C. internship and receive tuition, fees and housing for the semester program. A special SSS (TRIO) study abroad program in Salamanca, Spain offers students a unique opportunity to learn Spanish; interested students should discuss this opportunity with SSS (TRIO) staff.

Keith Sherin Global Leaders' Semester-in-Washington, D.C.

Spanish Language and Culture in Salamanca

Financial Literacy

Instruction in financial literacy is provided in the SD 110 class, in conjunction with financial aid and through an online financial literacy workshop. Staff is always available to offer guidance and information pertaining to financial literacy and how to manage your money smartly.

Access SALT for tips and tricks to improve your financial fitness.

Academic Advising

All SSS (TRIO) students have a SSS (TRIO) advisor in addition to any other department advisors. SSS (TRIO) advisors collaborate with your department advisor and monitor your academic progress. SSS (TRIO) staff practice "intrusive advising" - we make your academic business our business. Students are expected to meet with their SSS (TRIO) advisor on a regular basis.

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FAFSA Completion

Students enrolled in SD 110 receive instruction and assistance in completing their FAFSA -- when relevant. Additionally, students may meet one-on-one with staff for help in completing the FAFSA or obtaining guidance on financial aid issues. SSS (TRIO) staff members work closely with the Financial Aid Office and may refer students to financial aid when appropriate.

FAFSA priority deadline is March 1, prior to the school-year you wish to receive aid. LCSC staff members recommend filing the FAFSA as soon as possible, after January 1st each year.

LCSC school code is: 001621

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Help With Scholarships

SSS (TRIO) can assist students in applying for scholarship opportunities. This can include assistance in finding scholarships, obtaining required documentation for the application and general scholarship advice. Learn more about scholarship opportunities.

Cultural Events

Occassionally, SSS (TRIO) makes cultural events accessible to SSS (TRIO) students at no cost to the student. Past activities have included the Interview Etiquette Luncheon, Regional Job Fairs and Graduate Banquets.


SSS (TRIO) offers different workshops every semester for students. Each workshop is unique and designed to empower and educate students -- giving them an edge through education.

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Access the TRIO online study skills workshops

Referral to Resources

SSS (TRIO) staff members work with many departments on campus to insure your success at LCSC. You may not be aware of the many resources available to LCSC students. If you have a need, talk with a SSS (TRIO) advisor today. If SSS (TRIO) does not provide a related service, chances are good that you can receive a referral to a department or agency that can assist you in meeting your need.