Student Union

Kiosk Policy


Only posters/flyers promoting a specific LCSC function or event are allowed to be posted in the LCSC Kiosk. The Kiosk is located east of the Centennial Mall Fountain and west of Reid Centennial Hall.

1. All posters/flyers must be approved by Jeannette Klobetanz (SUB-Room 212). Posters/flyers will be date stamped and hung by SUB staff.

2. All posters/flyers must be sponsored by a recognized student organization and/or LCSC department or organization and the name of the sponsoring organization/department must be printed/displayed on the poster.

3. Posters/flyers should be submitted to Jeannette Klobetanz 2 weeks prior to function or events.

4. Posters/flyers which contain statements that are discriminatory, hateful, threatening or have inappropriate and/or derogatory statements or information, referring to any person or group, will not be approved for posting.

5. Posters/flyers advertising alcohol related events are not allowed and will not be approved for posting. 

6. Posters/flyers may remain in the Kiosk for up to 20 (business) days or the day after the event, whichever comes first.

7. Recommended poster/flyer size is 8 1/2" x 11", and not to exceed 11"x17".

8. Posters/flyers may be bi-lingual as long as there is a comparable English translation on the poster/flyer.

9. Posters/flyers advertising rooms/apartments/houses will not be approved for posting.


Questions, please contact Jeannette Klobetanz
SUB, Room 212.