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Posting and Advertising Policy

Tack strip on 2nd floor of SUB

Bulletin board by ping pong tables in SUB

SUB bulletin boards and tack strips Postings
Restroom Postings
Digital Advertising (TV at SUB Info Desk)

Bulletin Boards and Tack Strips:

Only posters/flyers promoting a specific LCSC function or event are allowed to be posted in the Student Union Building Bulletins Boards and Cork Strips. Any posters/flyers hung outside of the approved boards will be removed and the club, department or organization may forfeit their posting privileges and be held responsible for any damage incurred upon removal.

1. All posters/flyers must be approved at the Student Union Information Desk. Posters/flyers will be date stamped and approved by the Information Desk Staff.

2. All posters/flyers must be sponsored by a recognized student organization and/or LCSC department or organization and the name of the sponsoring organization / department must be printed/displayed on the poster.

3. Posters/flyers can only be posted on the "approved" boards within the Student Union Building. There are 3 bulletin boards and 6 cork strips located in the SUB (upstairs and downstairs). Only one poster/flyer per event will be allowed on each board/cork strip. Any posters/flyers hung outside of the approved boards/cork strips will be removed and the club, department or organization may forfeit their posting privileges. The LCSC SUB reserves the right to dispose of any unauthorized posters/flyers.

4. The separate posting boards specifically designated for use by the LCSC Student Activities Office, Dining Services, and the LCSC Radio Station may not be used for non-related materials. Any non-related material will be immediately removed.

5. Materials for affixing postings. Only push pins and thumb tacks may be used. All other methods of affixing posters/flyers (i.e., tape, staples, etc.) are strictly prohibited. Postings improperly affixed are subject to removal despite stamp of approval.

6. Posters/flyers which contain statements that are discriminatory, hateful, threatening or have inappropriate and/or derogatory statements or information, referring to any person or group, will not be approved for posting, if posted without approval, will be immediately removed.

7. Posters/flyers advertising alcohol related events are not allowed and will not be approved for posting, if posted without approval, will be immediately removed.

8. Posters/flyers may remain on the boards for up to 14 (business) days or the day after the event, whichever comes first.

9. Recommended poster/flyer size is 8 1/2" x 11" not to exceed 11" x 17".

10. Posters/flyers may be bi-lingual as long as there is a comparable English translation on the poster/flyer.

11. Posters/flyers advertising rooms/apartments/houses will be at the discretion of the SUB Information staff for approval.

12. No outside vendors or agencies may post flyers on the SUB Bulletin boards or cork strips unless they have scheduled the use of LCSC facilities or are advertising for student employment.

13. No posters or flyers of any kinds may be posted on SUB windows.

Restroom Posting

1. Posting will be limited to the inner side of stall doors and above urinals. There will be a maximum of two postings at any location.

2. Posting size is limited to a maximum of 11” x 14” without prior SUB approval.

3. All postings are required to be laminated by the advertiser.

4. Advertisers are responsible for their own advertising posting and removal. Posters must be affixed using white poster putty supplied by the advertiser.

5. Postings are limited to one week per poster unless prior approval is received.

6. Restroom posting will be limited to LCSC entities and officially recognized clubs. All postings must receive approval by the SUB.

Digital Advertising (TV at SUB Info Desk)

Priority for Advertisements:


2. Student Activities- Dedicated 5 slides

3. Clubs/Organizations

4. Departments

5. Other

The number of current running slides is limited to 15. Each slide is limited to 25 seconds before transition to the next slide. WarriorWeb class offerings will be limited to two slides out of the 15 at anytime. The slides will be changed each Monday and Thursday or weekly as needed.

Please send in Powerpoint format to SUB Information Desk personnel 1 week prior to posting.


Questions, please contact Laura Wilson --- 208-792-2060