4imprint One-By-One Grant Received!

4imprint donated 500 overstock reusable bags through the 4imprint One-By-One grant. This act of kindness will cut plastic bag pollution for the Art of Giving food drive next year by 100%. No more plastic waste floating around, annual plastic bag donations, or food falling on volunteer's feet. The donated bags were overstock, so we are also reusing!

Spring 2015 Garden Takes Off

This will be the first big growing season for the LC Learning Garden!!  Last spring, NS150 students started with permaculture herb spirals. In the fall, LCSC partnered with the non-profit, Backyard Harvest; with their support and the efforts of LCSC students, faculty, and staff, we are ready for a great season of service and learning. 

We aim to use sustainable garden practices to grow fruits and vegetables that will provide a local source of healthy, fresh food for students and low income residents in our community. This year’s plans are to provide food to garden volunteers, TRIO students, Student Success classes, and to local food banks while enhancing campus service and learning experiences for LCSC students in NS150, International Programs service learning classes, Student Success classes, and the Green Team Sustainability Club. 

We are open to more teaching and learning opportunities linking to the garden space and experiences; please, contact Jeanette Gara-Betzold at or 208-792-2179 if you are interested in utilizing this space.

Sustainable garden practices at the LC Learning Garden:

  • Using available resources on campus and our communities:
    • Repurposing campus bricks to build garden structures
    • Volunteers and class projects to help build, maintain, and harvest garden
    • Soil, compost, and manure from campus or local community sources
    • Plant starts from garden volunteers, Backyard Harvest, and North Idaho Correction Institution greenhouse
    • Solar powered strands of lights on Lydia’s Lilac Memorial tree
    • Incorporating flowers that attract pollinators/deter pests: Butterfly bush, lilacs, and marigolds
    • On-site compost area
    • Demonstrating permaculture design principles in herb spiral structure
    • Demonstrating space, time, and resource efficient square foot gardening method

LC Learning Garden in July (1)

April 14, 2015 Lydia's parents visit their Daughter's Tree Memorial

April 14, 2015: Lydia's parents visit the lilac tree honoring her memory

Lydia's Lilac Write Up

Lydia's Lilac

January 2015 The warrior golf team donates a garden kiosk

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The Warrior golf team installed a new sign/kiosk at the Teaching and Learning Garden.
 It was built on MLK, Jr. Day and put up Monday. 

This MLK Day project is an effort by the LCSC Golf Team (including both students and coaches) to get back into volunteering in the community… and they have in a big way. The kiosk provides a protected area to post community and garden related information. It is worth $300 and built to last many years. The desire to produce a kiosk for the garden began with the creation of the Teaching and Learning Garden years ago. The golf team selflessly stepped in to make it a reality and without their work, it might never have happened.

The garden is partly owned by Back Yard Harvest and is open to students and the community to plant, manage, and glean. Thank you Community Programs, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division, and the Arboretum Committee at LCSC for funding the materials needed.

Golf Team Kiosk

FAll 2014 NS 150 Work Day and Produce Stand

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Fall 2014 NS 150 Teaching and Learning Garden Work Day

NS 150 students and volunteers completed a service learning project last week on Nov. 5, with the intention to increase local food source awareness and improve the LCSC Teaching and Learning Garden. Students worked hard to run the produce stand (giving away over 154lb of food and raising money for local farmers), build garden structures (raised beds, hoophouse, and spiral), and cook pumpkin bars from all natural organic ingredients. It served as a great teaching tool and passerby LCSC students, faculty, and staff were delighted by the fresh produce and efforts of the class. LC Service Corps provided staff, tents (it poured down rain), and reusable bags for those taking produce. It was an all-around successful event and LCSC is the healthier for it.

NS 150 Work Day

April 21 2014 LCSC Learning Garden Begins

April 21, 2014 LCSC student ideas put it into practice on Earth Day

LEWISTON, Idaho – Students at Lewis-Clark State College will be getting their hands dirty on Tuesday, as part of an Earth Day project.

Earth Day is Tuesday, April 22, and two of Jeanette Gara-Betzold’s NS150 (Natural Sciences) classes will be meeting outside to put into practice some of the ideas they are exploring as they learn about the natural sciences, ecology, and sustainability.

The work is taking place between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. in a vacant lot on the west side of 7th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues, as a greenspace on the edge of campus becomes a sustainability garden teaching area and learning experience for students, faculty, staff, and the community as an herb spiral is created.

What is an herb spiral?

“An herb spiral is a highly productive and energy efficient, vertical garden design, inspired by nature and created by Bill Mollison, co-founder of Permaculture,” says Gara-Betzold. “A spiral of bricks encloses soil in which many species of herbs are planted. The rock warms and dehumidifies the soil. The extended edge, wrapped in on itself, provides a wide diversity of conditions, creating high productivity in a small space that is easy to water and harvest.”

NS150 students will create a video and scientific poster about this gardening technique that will be accessible through a QR code and smartphones when people visit the garden. Gara-Betzold says the intention for the garden is to demonstrate and experiment with ideas and solutions that promote sustainability. The edible products of this experiment will be available for faculty, staff, students, and community members to enjoy as they visit the garden space...

For more information contact Jeanette Gara-Betzold at or 208.792.2179.

 Earth Day 2014Video

 Learn more through pinterest, LCSC Sustainability, and the Green Team