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  1. Student Counseling Center, Health & Disability Services | Student Counseling Center

    Student Counseling Center, Health & Disability Services. Welcome! Our mission is to assist and support students by focusing on the student's emotional and physical well being by providing services such as; personal counseling, health care assistance, and disability serv...

  2. Behavioral Science - A.A. http://www.lcsc.edu/degrees/behavioral-science-aa/
  3. Psychology - B.A./B.S. http://www.lcsc.edu/degrees/psychology-babs/
  4. Social Work - B.S.W. http://www.lcsc.edu/degrees/social-work-bsw/
  5. Addiction Studies - Minor http://www.lcsc.edu/degrees/addiction-studies-minor/
  6. Behavioral Science - Minor http://www.lcsc.edu/degrees/behavioral-science-minor/
  7. Psychology - Minor http://www.lcsc.edu/degrees/psychology-minor/