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  1. 09-04-14 Faculty Senate Agenda | Faculty Senate

    I.         Call to orderII.         IntroductionsIII.        Consent Agenda            A.  Approval of minutes from May 1, 2014IV.        Remarks                     A.  Anthony J. Fernández            B.  Lori Stinson            C.  Alex Bezzerides V.         Invited Rep...

  2. Faculty Senate Approved Minutes 05-01-14 | Faculty Senate

    Present: Alex Bezzerides, Chair Elect; Brian Fonnesbeck, Past Chair; Amy Canfield, SecretarySenators Present: Scott Brainard, Rik Brosten, Jennifer Cromer, Michael Edgehouse, Marcy Halpin, Krista Harwick, Leif Hoffman (substitute for Kerensa Allison), Jenni Light, Dave Mc...

  3. Faculty Senate Agendas & Minutes | Faculty Senate

    Meeting DatesAgendasDraft MinutesDate ApprovedApproved Minutes09-06-1809-06-18 05-03-18     09-06-1809-06-1810-25-1805-03-1809-06-1809-27-1809-27-18Supplemental Info for Agenda 09-27-18 10-25-1809-27-1810-25-1810-25-18 10-25-18 11-15-18 10-25-1811-15-1811-15-18 11-15-18...