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  1. General Education Committee 2013-14 | Faculty Senate

    Faculty Senate General Education Committee 2013-14

  2. General Education 2014-15 | Faculty Senate

    Faculty Senate Committee

  3. General Education Agenda | Faculty Senate

    Members: Gary Mayton, Okey Goode, Barbara Barnes, Jenni Light, Susan Odom - chairGuests: Laura Earles; Mary FloresInitial results from the SurveyMonkey question sent by Mary Flores and AlexNext steps for the Gen Ed Committee regarding the 3 ‘flex’ creditsCART work: how is...

  4. General Education 2016-17 | Faculty Senate

    Faculty Senate General Education 2016-17

  5. General Education 2015-16 | Faculty Senate

    Faculty Senate Committee

  6. General Education 2017-18 | Faculty Senate

    Faculty Senate General Education 2017-18

  7. General Education | Faculty Senate

     Name Division TermJane Finan DONSAM2016FA - 2019SPSarah Graham HUM2018FA - 2021SPJay Kimble T&I2017FA - 2020SPEric Martin SS2016FA - 2019SPBrett Morris, Chair BUS2017FA - 2020SP         Archives:  2017-18 General Education Committee2016-17 General Education Committee...