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  1. Explore a Career | Careers

    A primary focus of Career & Advising Services (CAS) at LCSC is helping students explore their interests, values, abilities, experiences, and in making decisions regarding their futures. We provide many avenues for students to take in pursuing this personal exploration, s...

  2. Career Assessment Reflection | MyTrek

    Whether you come to LCSC with a major and possible career path or have no idea at all of a direction, a career assessment is a good way to either clarify or confirm your choices. The Career Assessment Reflection provides you with the opportunity to review, understand, and...

  3. Center for New Directions | The Advising Center

    The Center for New Direcitons helps individuals in transition to become personally and economically self-sufficient. We provide career and educational counseling to help individuals recognize their abilities and interests, set goals, solve problems, and find a positive li...