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Why this page?

Dear friends;

You might wonder why there is this page of events to share with students when we have already have a campus calendar. Here are a few reasons why [note that this list is mostly directed toward students who might be visiting this page - welcome!]:

  • The campus calendar does not highlight academic events, so this page does that. These events might dovetail with your class material in interesting ways. 
  • It is really important to go to events on campus, it broadens horizons, fosters community and is a great way to learn and make new connections. The world is an interdisciplinary place, and you never know where you might get some great inspiration.
  • Faculty from across campus send along events that they'd like to see shared with students in the context of a classroom. Sometimes these events are recurring, and sometimes they are in the distant future. There needed to be a place to keep them.

I hope to see you soon!



Submitting events

You can submit events to Rachel at the CTL.

The Events

  • April 18-19, 2019, the Movement and Sport Sciences Division at LCSC will host a Leadership Development Workshop and Research Symposium in the WCC for undergraduate students. Registration and more information is here: https://hivanmullem.wixsite.com/leadership-research
  • Upcoming talks

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 Nez Perce Women

 Nez Perce Women Protecting Mother Earth

  •  Do you need volunteer hours before the end of the semester? Do you just want to give back to your community? Well, the Warrior Pantry needs your help April 22 and April 23 from 3-5PM. We will be distributing plastic bags through Normal Hill for people to fill with donations on April 22 and then we will pick up the bags on April 23. Come join us and help my a difference in your LC community and make sure The Art of Giving food drive is successful for it’s seventh year!  For more information or to sign up, email Heidi Hughes and hnhughes@lcsc.edu#NoHungryWarriors


  •  "I ask: Sexual Assault Awareness Month." Contact: Debbie KolstadI Ask Ywca Events