Tech Prep


  • How do my Tech Prep credits fit into programs at LCSC?
    Credits can count toward technical degree program requirements and may also be accepted as program electives in academic degree programs. Find out how your Tech Prep credits fit into programs at LCSC on our Credits to Program document.
  • What if I decide not to take the class after registration?
    If a student decides not to take a Tech Prep class after registration, the student will notify the instructor who will then fill out a drop form for the student.
  • Will my credits transfer to other institutions?
    Dual Credit classes will transfer to many institutions. Please refer to the transfer institution's course equivalency guides for more information. Acceptance of transfer credits is dependent upon the receiving institution.
  • Are dual credit students eligible for a student ID card and campus privileges?
    Students who take classes at the high school do not receive an ID card. Students who take classes on campus will receive an LCSC Student Identification Card, which provides students with the use of LCSC computer labs and tutoring facilities at no charge, free admission to campus and athletic events, and a student Internet account. It does not, however, provide students with access to the fitness center, which is located in the activity center.
  • What are the age requirements for Tech Prep credit?
    Students must be 16 years of age by the 10th day of LCSC’s term OR have successfully completed one-half of their high school graduation requirements OR have obtained high school faculty signature if 14 or 15 for Tech Prep courses.
  • How can I find out how many credits I have earned from LCSC?
    With WarriorWeb you can view and print your own unofficial transcript which includes the grades, credits, and cumulative GPA for all of the courses you've taken at LCSC. Use the 'Grades' link to find your midterm and final grades at LCSC. Simply select a term and click 'Submit' to see your grades, term GPA, and advisor. Learn more about WarriorWeb for Students at
  • How do I access my account on WarriorWeb?
    To access your account, visit and click on 'Enter' in the upper right hand corner. You will then select 'Log In' and enter your User ID and Password. Your User ID is your first initial, middle initial, and full last name. Your Password is your birth date (the password for a birth date of March 12, 1980 would be 03121980). It is strongly advised that you change your password.
  • Are high school students eligible for financial aid?
    No, high school students are not eligible for federal financial aid programs. However, Dual Credit and Tech Prep courses count toward total semester eligibility for financial aid. Check with the institution you plan to attend to determine eligibility.
  • Do Tech Prep students need to re-apply for admission if they want to attend Lewis-Clark State College after high school graduation?
    Yes, students will need to submit the regular application for admission, high school transcript, and ACT, SAT, or Compass test score.