Tech Prep

Grades & Withdrawal Information for high school students

Building a College Transcript

Students registered for a Tech Prep class will begin building a college transcript at Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC). The credits earned under the Tech Prep program are technical college credits, not academic credits. These credits will be most valuable to students with career goals in technical areas. However, most colleges, including LCSC will accept these credits as elective credits which can accompany any future degree. If a student wishes to transfer credits to another institution, it is the student's responsibility to ensure that the receiving institution will accept technical credits as either a program requirement or as an elective credit.

Tech Prep Grading Policy

Tech Prep policy requires a passing grade of "B" or better before credit is awarded. Students failing to meet the grade requirement will receive a grade of "NC" (No Credit) which will be recorded on the student's LCSC official transcript. Although this "NC" will not affect his/her GPA, multiple "NC" courses can affect a student's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). SAP is a condition for receiving financial aid as a full time college student. Please see the Financial Aid SAP Policy for more information. You may also contact the Tech Prep office by phone (208) 792-2418 or email if you have any questions.