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Tech Prep Success Spotlight 30 college credits for $780

Kali Bowen Picture

Lewis-Clark State College’s Tech Prep program has produced hundreds of student success stories.  One such story is Kali Bowen. Kali, a 2013 Lewiston High graduate, is now pursuing an Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Management at LCSC. While this is a two-year program, Kali will earn her degree in one year thanks to the LCSC early college options at Lewiston High.  Kali accumulated 30 college credits (18 Tech Prep, six dual credit, and six at LCSC) while in high school. Because these credits fit into the 64 credit Business Management degree program, Kali came to LCSC in the Fall of 2013 needing only 34 credits to complete her degree.

Kali said she is grateful for the opportunity to earn college credits while she was in high school. “I’m very happy that I had the opportunity. Thanks to these options I was able to get 30 credits done for less than the cost of one regular price course on campus,” she said.

Because Tech Prep credits are free and dual credits are $65 per credit, Kali was able to obtain these 30 credits for an out of pocket expense of $780. Considering the standard $296 per credit charge for college students, she saved a total $8,100 with her college education.

While Kali is excited about her education and the considerable savings she received, she is also excited about graduating and starting a career. “Well my initial dream is still to have my own photography business. But currently I’m working at a bank as an administrative assistant. I got this job after my high school marketing advisor informed me of the opening. Now that I’ve been working in banking I’m interested in pursuing a career in this industry, but would also hope that photography is something I can continue to do. I’m really just excited to go to work,” Kali said.

When asked what she would tell others about her early college opportunities Kali said, “Why not do it? The cost is significantly less and it gets you through college faster. I was able to use all my credits toward the degree I’m pursing.”