Tennis Center

Black Friday Tournament junior doubles tennis tournament

SPONSORED by DR. TIM FLOCK (Lewiston Orthopaedic Associates)

Lewiston Orthopaedic Associates (1)WHEN:  Friday November 29th 2013

TIME:  1 pm till completion (estimated 5 hours)

WHERE: LCSC Tennis Center

WHO: High school or junior high age doubles (7th-12th grade. – Can be mixed teams, boys’ teams or women’s teams. Every doubles entry will be combined into one draw.

DRESS CODE: You must be in all black apparel.

DEADLINE TO REGISTER: Monday, November 25th via email Limited to the first 16 pairs to sign up.

ENTRY FEE: $20 a person. Players will receive a towel to commemorate the event.

EVENT FORMAT/RULES – please read carefully.

1. There are no service lets. That means, when the serve hits the net cord and goes into the proper service court, it is in play....there is no let (re-serve).

2. First one to win 8 games wins the set. A five point tie-breaker will be used at 7-7. Each player serves two points, and if the scores gets to 4-4, the receiving side again will have the choice of left or right side to receive the serve.

3. A handicap scoring system will also be used.  The team who is behind in score gets one point for each game they are behind up to 3 points max.  Say Team A is leading 1-0 vs Team B.  In the second game, team B will start that game 15 love.  If Team A is up 3-0 in the set, Team B will start the next game at 40-0. The maximum number of points a team can have is 3 points (that means a 40-0 lead). If Team A is leading Team B 7-0, Team B will only start with a 40-0 lead.